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Talking Quietly: Officials Hold Exec Sessions

LOWER POTTSGROVE PA – Executive sessions held by municipal and school district officials are common, and permissible in certain circumstances under Pennsylvania law, when those powers-that-be need to discuss scenarios involving prospective real estate transactions, personnel matters, or legal actions.

It seems more of them are being held lately.

Members of the Pottsgrove Board of School Directors, for example, have preceded several of their recent meetings with roughly 15- to 30-minute closed-to-the-public sessions. Most, according to announcements later made by board President Matt Alexander, have dealt with personnel items, but a new one surfaced during last Tuesday’s (Aug. 22, 2017) meeting.

That session, Alexander said, was to “discuss potential litigation.” About what?, against whom?, regarding what?; no answers to those questions will be available until directors prepare to publicly decide, if they must, what they intend to do about the legal issue now under wraps.

Separate from and seemingly unrelated to the school board, the Lower Pottsgrove Board of Commissioners has had its share of executive sessions too. Again. many preceded regular board meetings in recent months, the latest on Aug. 7. Announcements about them are routinely handed over by board President Bruce Foltz to township Solicitor Charles Garner. Garner reports the latest series of sessions concern “the acquisition of real estate.”

Specifics of where, when, why, how, from whom, and for what remain a mystery.

It’s entirely possible nothing may arise from executive sessions conducted by either board. Personnel problems sometimes solve themselves. Real estate deals fall through. Litigation occasionally gets amicably settled, and in some instances just goes away. In those cases, officials might say nothing more if state law allows them to avoid it.

Or whatever has been talked about privately so far could make headlines later.

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