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Gotta Few Minutes? Meal Train Can Use Them

UPPER POTTSGROVE PA – Area residents organized primarily in the Pottsgrove School District are continuing their efforts to assist the Thompson Family of Old Orchard Drive (at top), as wife and mother Judi Thompson copes with the effects of cancer and an earlier surgery. The group hopes to get more people involved as well.

The volunteer team has created a “Meal Train,” using a website of the same name, to supply the family of two adults and three children with evening meals that Judi can’t easily prepare due to her illness. The culinary effort began almost two years ago, when she first had surgery. It reactivated last Friday (Sept. 1, 2017) as the new school year started.

Joining the Meal Train is simple: sign up online, here, to provide the Thompsons with a meal (maybe one you’ll cook for your own family too) on a specific date, then cook and deliver it. Meals need not be fancy; a survey of what’s been offered so far during September includes comfort food favorites like baked chicken, quiche, beef and noodle casserole, and baked ziti with sweet Italian sausage.

Monetary donations also are accepted, here, for those who aren’t into cooking or would be unable to make a delivery. Many who volunteer for Meal Train, though, say the opportunity to serve up delicious love on a plate is a motivator for their involvement.

Upper Pottsgrove resident Cheryl Rabinowitz, one of the organizers, wrote that the community’s help is “very greatly appreciated” by the family, and allows Judi “to rest and focus on her health, as well as to spend time with her family.”

“If you are able to prepare a meal for the Thompsons, please sign up on the Meal Train calendar,” Rabinowitz added, and said “thanks in advance for your willingness and thoughtfulness in helping out!”

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