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High School Parking Fee Prompts Complaints

LOWER POTTSGROVE PA – When reconstruction was in full swing at Pottsgrove High School, administrators stopped issuing student parking permits because … well, there just weren’t many parking spaces available on site. Now that the renovation is completed the $20 permits have returned, and a Pottsgrove school board member reported last week that there’s grumbling between the painted lines.

“From what I’m hearing, there’s a lot of kids who are upset,” district school director Ashley Custer said. She asked who collects the permit money, how it’s used, and how student vehicles are tracked to ensure the proper cars in appropriate spots.

Issuing permits has been a high school practice for several years, Principal Dr. Bill Ziegler noted. With the construction hiatus over, students this year were urged to obtain permits during the first two weeks of school. That deadline has now passed, but some remain available.

Tracking is relatively simple, he said. Students complete forms to register their cars, and receive a marker to display in a registered vehicle. If family circumstances dictate that students drive an unregistered car to school, they’re asked to temporarily transfer the display tag to the new vehicle and then notify the high school office.

But registration does involve new requirements, Ziegler added. For one, seniors and student athletes are given preferential parking spaces in the building’s south side parking lot “closer to the front, so they can clear out early,” he explained. That may be a source of discontent among those not receiving special spots, as well as the fee’s reappearance, he acknowledged.

As for the collected funds, the district as a whole benefits from the fee. All proceeds are forwarded directly to Business Administrator David Nester, who deposits them in the school district general purpose fund.

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