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Survey: ‘Grove Wins On Safety; Lacking Overall

LOWER POTTSGROVE PA – More than 600 people who responded to a Pottsgrove School District online survey during June (2017), to measure residents’ satisfaction with district performance and communications, found respondents perceive students are kept safe and secure. They’re also apparently happy with classroom space, students’ access to technology, and overall efforts to keep them informed.

But as far as general satisfaction with the district itself, survey results indicate Pottsgrove has some work ahead.

Results of the survey were digitally distributed Wednesday (Sept. 20) to those who participated and others, accompanied by a letter from Superintendent Dr. William Shirk. A copy of the survey is available for download from The Post’s Resources Page, here.

Among result highlights, Shirk wrote, from those who responded to specific questions:

  • 91 percent agree the district is “keeping students safe and secure;”
  • 90 said it was “providing sufficient classroom and instructional space;”
  • 90 percent agree it provided access to and instruction in 21st Century technology;
  • 88 percent feel well informed about policies and procedures at schools their children attend;
  • 87 percent are satisfied regarding overall district communications; and
  • 85 percent feel well informed about the staff, events, and activities at schools their children attend.

When asked, though, to rate Pottsgrove on a scale of 1 to 100 to reflect repondents’ overall satisfaction with the district (in which higher scores represented greater satisfaction), according to Shirk:

  • 73 was the average of all respondents’ scores;
  • 76 was the average of responding parents of current students; and
  • 80 was the score most commonly offered.

The district learned from the exercise, Shirk promised. Its results will prompt Pottsgrove during the current academic year to focus on:

  • Increasing communications with district residents who are not student parents;
  • Better preparing students not headed to college for careers after high school;
  • Asking for, and responding to, public input;
  • Preparing students to be successful in college; and
  • Providing help for students who need extra academic assistance.

“Our goal is to engage all stakeholders, to both seek and provide timely, relevant communication, so (the district) can best serve our children academically, socially and emotionally,” Shirk wrote. “We value your feedback and will use the survey results to help improve our ongoing work,” he added, and thanked “all the parents, students, community members, and PGSD staff who participated in this survey and provided us with such rich information.”

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