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Policy Confusion Delays Girl Scout Meetings

LOOKING FOR A MEETING SPACE SOLUTION – More than 200 local Girl Scouts, who formerly used classroom space for afternoon and evening meetings in Pottsgrove School District elementary buildings, haven’t gathered for a month, apparently because of miscommunication between the district and scouting officials, the district Board of School Directors learned Tuesday (Sept. 26, 2017). Local Scouting representative Karen Durstein (at top) asked for directors’ and administration help in scheduling a conversation to better understand policy changes affecting fees that must be paid, when, to whom, and possibly most importantly, how quickly Scouts could resume their meetings in the buildings. A letter asking for those details reportedly was sent by Scouting almost three weeks ago, and received no reply; directors said that troubled them. District Business Administrator David Nester volunteered to “reach out” to the Scouts and address the problem promptly.

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  • Policy Confusion Delays Girl Scout Meetings

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