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Phone Tower Lease, Now Expired, Earned $300

SANATOGA PA – During the past three years, Lower Pottsgrove has earned a grand total of $300 on a lease that granted one company exclusive rights to township-owned land on which it might, maybe, someday erect a cell phone tower. No, it wasn’t a sure thing, the Board of Commissioners conceded then, but they agreed it had a chance to develop into something good.

In April 2014 Larry Romanowski, president of P3 Towers of Red Hill PA, told board members an antenna array could produce more than $38,000 in township revenue annually. All that was needed, he said, was to have his company convince major carriers like AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, and Verizon that boosting their signals from a township-based tower made sense.

Everything takes time and money, though, Romanowski warned commissioners. Adding transmission capacity in Lower Pottsgrove at the time wasn’t highest on the cell carriers’ to-do lists, he admitted. The three-year deal would give him an opportunity to sell them on the idea.

Carriers apparently were unconvinced. Either too few or none of them bought in, and the tower was never erected on a small plot near the municipal garage on North Pleasant View Road. It was hoped to have been the first of several P-3 would build. Its lease officially expired in September.

As of last week, township Manager Ed Wagner was awaiting a discussion with P-3 to determine if it wanted to renew the option.

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