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Township Continues Limerick Drill Preparations

SANATOGA PA – Only seven weeks remain before the start of an annual drill that focuses on municipal readiness for an emergency at the Limerick Generating Station nuclear power plants. The impending deadline doesn’t worry Lower Pottsgrove emergency management officials, who have planned for the event over the past six months.

Still, township commissioner and Emergency Management Coordinator Ray Lopez said Monday (Oct. 2, 2017), there’s no time like the present for a little additional practice.

So Lopez has scheduled a meeting this week of the township emergency management team, consisting of administrators, police and fire company representatives, and other first responders, to run through “a table-top exercise … to see where our soft spots, if there still are any, might be,” he said. It’s a series of if-this-then-that response scenarios, talked out by the group.

Lower Pottsgrove’s performance, and that of other municipalities’ responders, will be watched by federal and state agencies Nov. 14 (Saturday) at and around the electrical power facility operated by Exelon Corp. at 3146 Sanatoga Rd. It straddles the Lower Pottsgrove-Limerick border, and every year is the scene of several tests to determine how, and how well, localities respond to the pressure of a potential catastrophe.

It’s likely the Montgomery County Emergency Response trailer maintained by the township will be an important piece of equipment involved in the drill. Lopez said the Sanatoga and Ringing Hill fire companies are working with the township police department to ensure the trailer is stocked with “materials as useful as possible” to responders when a need arises.

Firefighters have compiled a lengthy list of what the trailer contains, and still needs. “We won’t get everything on the list this year,” Lopez said, “but we’re trying to work things into the budget for next year.”

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