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Who You Gonna Call? In Pottsgrove, A Principal

LOWER POTTSGROVE PA – When there are problems with student busing in the Pottsgrove School District, many parents are inclined to reach for their cell phones and complain on social media. To get problems solved, however, district Superintendent Dr. William Shirk on Tuesday (Oct. 10, 2017) asked parents to reach for those same phones and, instead, call their principals.

Probably better than anyone, Shirk suggested, administrators of Pottsgrove’s five school buildings know how to address and deal with safety and discipline issues that arise on the roads to and from classes.

And if there are routing difficulties – such as buses that arrived late, arrived early, or didn’t arrive at all – use the phone again, Shirk added, to call district Business Administrator David Nester. He works daily with CMD Services Inc., Pottsgrove’s transportation provider, and is the best choice to address those needs.

The numbers to call:

  • West Pottsgrove Elementary Principal Terri Koehler, 610-323-6510;
  • Ringing Rocks Elementary Principal Lisa Jones, 610-323-0903;
  • Lower Pottsgrove Elementary Principal Yolanda Williams, 610-323-7510;
  • Pottsgrove Middle School Principal Matthew Boyer, 610-326-8243;
  • Pottsgrove High School Principal Dr. Bill Ziegler, 610-326-5105; and
  • Nester, 610.327.2277 Ext. 1004.

Shirk, his staff, and members of the district Board of Education heard a variety of busing concerns during the board’s meeting at Ringing Rocks Elementary School. They ranged from rotating drivers unfamiliar with now-established routes, morning buses arriving at school after lessons have begun and, in one case, about a recent incident in which a student allegedly threatened a van rider with a knife.

Nester was already aware of what parents claim have been a succession of new faces behind the driver’s wheel of some buses. Several drivers unexpectedly left CMD’s employ just as the academic year started in September, and he acknowledged it has scrambled to find replacements. Solicitor Marc Davis, who works with several other districts besides Pottsgrove, said finding suitable drivers has become an issue for most of them.

But there were other complaints aired to directors that Nester admitted he was hearing for the first time. Shirk thanked Haines and two other parents for making their worries known, and encouraged more parents “to be self-advocates for their kids. That’s good,” he said. “I get that.”
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