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More Spring Valley Farms Blasting Set For Friday

LOWER POTTSGROVE PA – More explosives blasting for construction of the Spring Valley Farms housing community on Bleim Road – this time to install a sewer line from the development’s first phase of coming homes running south to Deer Ridge Drive – is scheduled to occur Friday (Oct. 13, 2017) beginning at about 11:45 a.m., Lower Pottsgrove Township Manager Ed Wagner reported.

The blast route (designated in red on the map above) is intended to break through what Wagner said is granite rock only a few feet below the soil surface. Contractors must run large-gauge pipe beyond the rear property lines just north of two homes that face Deer Ridge. Once their blasting is done, because the pipe must reach a manhole on the drive, workers must then carefully and laboriously dig between those homes’ foundations.

Digging crews hope by the time they arrive at the homes they’ll be into softer, and more easily excavated, shale rock, Wagner said.

The contractor has already notified Deer Ridge area home owners of the impending explosions, according to Wagner. Additionally, most of those whose properties are close enough to potentially be affected by tremors from the blasts have had video inspections completed of their foundations at no cost, in case future problems arise. Only one property owner declined to have a video made; Wagner was unsure why.

Later on Friday, he added, the contractor will do a pressure-test boring on Deer Ridge, also in connection with the pipe installation. It does not involve blasting, Wagner noted, but may temporarily block a portion of Deer Ridge for a brief period.

The shallow granite formations across the property at Bleim and North Pleasant View roads, which one day is expected to contain all three phases of Spring Valley Farms, have been giving pipe-layers fits. The contractor reportedly has ruined more than a half-dozen bits attempting to hack into the rock to make room for its lines.

Graphic from The Post Publications

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