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  • Township Chief’s Coffee ‘Positive,’ Tip-Filled
    Lower Pottsgrove Police Chief Michael Foltz’s first public coffee event Saturday was a success, he said, offering “positive feedback” and providing tips on which his investigators will follow up.
  • Pottsgrove Students Chased Away Spookiness
    Pottsgrove High School’s Spark The Wave volunteers made this weekend’s highly popular Friday and Saturday night hikes at Althouse Arboretum fun and safe for hundreds of visitors.
  • Local Medical Firm Named PA’s ‘Best Provider’
    GHP, an international healthcare publication, has presented Lower Pottsgrove-based Pottstown Medical Specialists Inc. with awards for “Best Primary Care Provider – Pennsylvania,” and “Diabetes Specialist of the Year 2017 – North East USA.”
  • Veterans’ Outreach Scheduled Oct. 18 In Gilbertsville
    Sessions to help area veterans get the most from their government benefits, or seek other help will be held Oct. 18 in the Gilbertsville office of state Rep. Marcy Toepel.
  • Bless Your Beast, And Judge Some Chili Too
    A “Festival Of The Dog,” benefiting the Heather Smiley Fund, is scheduled for Saturday (Oct. 21) at K-9 Cottage and A+ Obedience in Limerick. Have your animal blessed, and chow down at a chili cook-off.
  • Life As A Green Lane Beaver Might Be Good
    Montgomery County’s Green Lane Park will hold a program titled “Leave It To Beavers” Oct. 28 (2017; Saturday) beginning at 4:30 p.m. Explore the world of the North American beaver.


  • Area Police Report Missing Handgun As Stolen
    A handgun that went missing from its owner’s possession has been declared as stolen, the Amity Police Department said Friday.
  • Saturday ‘News Feed’ From The Post Publications
    Football Falcons, now 8-0, romped Friday over Phoenixville; Lower Pottsgrove woman sentenced in robbery role; Pottstown laundry goes high-tech.
  • Troopers Investigating Wednesday 422 Crash
    A multi-vehicle accident Wednesday on U.S. Route 422, from which occupants successfully escaped although one incurred minor injuries, was investigated by state troopers.
  • Help Make History With Huge Pottstown Selfie
    Pottstown Area Industrial Development hopes it can convince you to turn out Thursday (Oct. 19) at 11 a.m. in downtown Pottstown to join in a promotional photo involving a big crowd.
  • Get Friendly With A Superhero Over Dinner
    Friendly’s and Krav’n Comics are partnering to have superheroes and villians visit with dinner patrons Oct. 23 during evening hours at the restaurant, Shoemaker Road, Pottstown. Stop by and look menacing.
  • Boyertown Artworks Offer Close-Up Look On Life
    “Larger Than Life,” an art exhibit that offers a magnified view of the world, opens to the public next Friday (Oct. 20) at Studio B Fine Art Gallery in Boyertown.
  • 422 Disruptions Throughout Next Week
    Three different projects along U.S. Route 422 between Lower Pottsgrove and Valley Forge can be expected to potentially tie up traffic days and nights from Sunday through next Saturday.
  • PCTV Broadcasts Oct. 10 School Board Meeting
    With video. Now available for your viewing pleasure, PCTV is broadcasting the Oct. 10 meeting of the Pottsgrove Board of School Directors.
  • Friday ‘News Feed’ From The Post Publications
    Alleged racer admits role in West Pottsgrove 422 crash; Hurricane victims benefit from Hill School; death penalty off table in Perkiomen alleged murder case.
  • Bats, Owls, Black Cats Prowl Farm Park
    An Oct. 25 special program for children age 3 and older, accompanied by an adult, explores the nature and crafts of Halloween at the Norristown Farm Park in East Norriton. There’s a $5 admission fee.
  • More Spring Valley Blasting Set For Friday
    Construction of the Lower Pottsgrove housing community on Bleim Road is moving ahead, but slowly due to hard granite rock beneath the surface. Explosive blasting to lay pipe is planned Friday morning.
  • Ringing Kids Sing, Dance About Good Behavior
    With video. What are elementary school students likely to do when their good behavior habits garner a state award? At Ringing Rocks Elementary School on Tuesday, they sang and danced for the school board.
  • Boyertown Fourth Friday Features Pumpkin Fun
    Artists, musicians and other creative types are finding audiences during Boyertown’s monthly Fourth Friday observances. The next is scheduled for Oct. 27.
  • Thursday ‘News Feed’ From The Post Publications
    Pottstown closer to establishing land bank; Borough Council passes mural law; Terminally ill win chance to try experimental treatments; White supremacy rears its head in East Greenville.
  • Who You Gonna Call? In Pottsgrove, A Principal
    With video. Pottsgrove school board members heard complaints about busing problems Tuesday, and pledged they would be addressed. Got bus issues? The first call to make is to a building principal, parents were told.
  • Serious Young Faces Open School Board Meeting
    With video. Students at Ringing Rocks Elementary School demonstrated their pledge-giving expertise Tuesday, as they led the Board of School Directors in a daily recital ritual.
  • Court Limits School’s Reach On Student Speech
    A preliminary ruling last week in a U.S. District Court case brought by a student in Schuylkill County, 60 miles north of Lower Pottsgrove, said schools lacked authority to limit student speech off-campus.

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