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District Makes Supplemental Payments To 186

LOWER POTTSGROVE PA – As the Pottsgrove School District prepares for winter sports and club activities, the Pottsgrove Board of School Directors last Tuesday (Oct. 10, 2017) approved supplemental appointments and payments for individuals who have agreed to serve in 186 different roles as coaches and activity leaders. Individual payments ranged from a low of $238 to a high of more than $7,000 depending on a variety of factors. Some individuals fill multiple roles and receive payments for each.

The list of appointees – identified by position, first and last name, and supplemental payment amount – appears below. Asterisks indicate those who are not school faculty members, according to the district.

Pottsgrove High School

Academic Challenge Team Coach HS Gary Christ $1,190.40
Art Club Cindy Scherer $1,190.40
Arts and Crafts Club Liz Rodenbaugh $595.20
Athletic Director Asst HS Rick Pennypacker $7,023.36
Band Concert HS Shawn Campopiano $476.16
Band Marching HS Shawn Campopiano $6,785.28
Band Stage HS Shawn Campopiano $1,428.48
A-cappella Kelsey Hendler $1,547.52
Concert Choir Kelsey Hendler $952.32
Chorus (Musical) Kelsey Hendler $2,142.72
Color Day Chairperson HS (split) Megan DeLena $119.04
Color Day Chairperson HS (split) Maggie Scott $119.04
Color Day Chairperson HS John Shantz $238.08
Color Day Chairperson HS Cindy Wozniak $238.08
Costume Coordinator Liz Rodenbaugh $1,071.36
DECA Alexandre Kriebel $2,261.76
Detention Monitor HS Heather Renn $1,785.60
Drama Producation HS Anna Taylor* $3,095.04
Environmental Club Glenn Adams $595.20
Envirothon Glenn Adams $238.08
Faculty Manager HS Jim Regensburg $5,952.00
Falcon Friends Kristen Schott $833.28
Freshman Class Advisor HS Elizabeth Mays-Coleman $1,071.36
Homecoming Day Chairman HS Liz Rodenbaugh $595.20
Intra Basketball Fall HS F Mike Brendlinger* $595.20
Intra Basketball Fall HS M Jack Flanagan* $595.20
Intra.  Lacrosse HS All Kristen Urie* $595.20
Intra Hockey HS All Jodi Sproule $595.20
Intra Tennis Spring HS All John Shantz $595.20
Intra Weight Trng HS Rick Pennypacker $595.20
Intra Weight Trng HS Head Preston Moser $595.20
Junior Class Advisor HS Dave Moyer $2,023.68
Junior Class Musical HS Andrea Forrest $5,237.76
Junior Statesman Margaret Scott $833.28
Key Club Advisor Jamie Reinhart $1,071.36
Maximi Advisor HS Della Caldwell $952.32
Maximi Technical Advisor HS Della Caldwell $952.32
Model UN Jason Gault $595.20
National Honor Society HS Lauren Compton $952.32
Orchestra HS William Einhorn $833.28
Pit Orchestra Musical HS William Einhorn $1,190.40
Pottsgrovian Advisor HS Danielle Small $3,333.12
Pottsgrovian Business Manager Danielle Small $1,904.64
Reading Olympics Danielle Small $595.20
Robotics Advisor Daniel Kratz $2,261.76
Senior Class Advisor HS Greg Sproule $3,095.04
Set painting coordinator HS William Forrest* $1,190.40
Set Construction William Forrest* $1,428.48
Show Choir HS Kelsey Hendler $2,380.80
Spark the Wave Lisa Smoyer* $1,071.36
Special Olympics Melissa DeStefano $595.20
Sophomore Class Advisor HS Heather Renn $1,547.52
Student Government Advisor HS Brian Sheehan $952.32
Students Against Drunk Drivers (SADD) John Shantz $357.12
Video News Advisor Jim Regensburg $1,666.56
Webmaster Melissa Grubbs $1,190.40

Pottsgrove Middle School

Academic Competitions Debbie Frasca $1,904.64
Band – 6th Ben Hayes $714.24
Stage Band Ben Hayes $1,190.40
Band – Marching MS Ben Hayes $1,904.64
7th and 8th grade Band Ben Hayes $1,190.40
Bell Choir MS Joy Stathopoulos $714.24
Choreographer MS – Show Choir Tom Yenchick $595.20
Chorus Head MS Carole Bean $952.32
Detention Monitor MS Joy Stathopoulos $1,785.60
Events Coordinator Carole Bean $1,904.64
Faculty Manager MS Paul Exley $5,594.88
Falcon Friends (split) Jeff Kerchner $416.64
Falcon Friends (split) Stacy McHugh $416.64
Intra Basketball Head MS F Marilyn Eaton $595.20
Intra Basketball Head MS M Eric Engstrom $595.20
Intra Flag Football MS Eric Engstrom $595.20
Intra Golf Head Ms All Chip Deveney $595.20
Intra Softball Head MS F Julie Davis $595.20
Intra Soccer MS Steve Palladino $595.20
Intra Street Hockey Head MS All Marilyn EAton $595.20
Intra Tennis Head MS Steve Palladino $595.20
Intra Volleyball Head MS All Marilyn Eaton $595.20
Intra Wrestling Head MS M Derek Williams* $595.20
Marching Band Assistant Judy Berry* $833.28
Musical Director Carole Bean $1,904.64
Musical Choreographer Tom Yenchick $1,547.52
National Honor Society MS Debbie MacIlvain $1,785.60
Newspaper Advisor Debbie MacIlvain $595.20
String Orchestra MS Will Einhorn $1,190.40
MS Project REACH OUT Shelby Kqira $952.32
Reading Olympics Sara McCurley $595.20
School Annual Advisor MS (memory book) Debbie Frasca $1,190.40
School Store Manager MS Marilyn Eaton $1,428.48
Show Choir MS Carole Bean $1,547.52
Science Academy Jeff Devlin $833.28
Study Make up and Remediation Time Amy Diegelman $1,904.64
Student Government Advisor MS Janet Edleman $2,499.84
Theatre Workshop Tom Yenchick $1,904.64
Web Page Editor MS Jeff Devlin $714.24

Lower Pottsgrove Elementary

Academic Competitions Penny Schaeffer $714.24
Chorus LP ( grade 3) Heather Hodgdon $476.16
Chorus LP ( grade 4) Heather Hodgdon $595.20
Chorus LP ( grade 5) Heather Hodgdon $595.20
5th Grade Musical Heather Hodgdon $476.16
Band – Advanced Darrell Weyman $833.28
Band –  Beginner Darrell Weyman $595.20
Morning News Penny Schaeffer $595.20
Reading Olympics Penny Schaeffer $595.20
Strings – Advanced Kristen Hyde $952.32
Strings –  Beginner Kristen Hyde $595.20
Safety Patrol Sponsor LP Melissa Vishio $595.20
Web Page Editor LP Jennifer Egan $595.20
Club Coordinator LP – Fall Veronica Lightcap $952.32
Club Coordinator LP – Spring Veronica Lightcap $952.32
Elementary Club  – Fall Jennifer Flanagan $595.20
Elementary Club  – Fall Ali Bainbridge $595.20
Elementary Club  – Fall Robin Scouton $595.20
Elementary Club  – Fall Janice Dalton* $595.20
Elementary Club  – Fall Janice Lawless $595.20
Elementary Club  – Fall Heather Michaels $595.20
Elementary Club  – Fall Colleen Ryan $595.20
Elementary Club  – Fall Amy Miller $595.20
Elementary Club  – Fall Melissa Vishio $595.20
Elementary Club  – Fall Nancy Cortez $595.20

Ringing Rocks Elementary

All School Musical Kristen Hyde $238.08
Web Page Editor  RR Kristen Hyde $595.20
Club Coordinator RR – Fall Gretchen Radswillas $952.32
Club Coordinator  RR – Spring Gretchen Radswillas $952.32
Elementary Club Fall Sara Beaver $595.20
Elementary Club Fall Carolyn Springer $595.20
Elementary Club Fall Lauren Brittingham $595.20
Elementary Club Fall Crystal Lloyd $595.20
Elementary Club Fall Lauren Delp $595.20
Elementary Club Fall Tracy Dise* $595.20

West Pottsgrove Elementary

Web Page Editor WP Jean Randall $595.20
Club Coordinator WP – Fall Brenda Hoch $952.32
Club Coordinator WP – Spring Brenda Hoch $952.32
Elementary Club Fall Nicole Kulp $595.20
Elementary Club Fall Pat Mest* $595.20
Elementary Club Fall Chrissy Long* $595.20
Elementary Club Fall Wendy Hasara $595.20
Elementary Club Fall Paige Petrillo $595.20
Elementary Club Fall Jean Randall $595.20

Special Payment Positions

District Chairpersons
Dist Department Coord. Health Svcs Kim Emery $2,500.00
Dist Department Coord. Art Cynthia Scherer $2,500.00
Dist Department Coord. Music Kristin Hyde $2,500.00
Dist Department Coord. Physical Ed Melissa Vishio $2,500.00
Dist Department Coord. Reading Meganlyn Norris $2,500.00
Dist Department Coord. Library Shelby Kqira $2,500.00
Dist. Curriculum Coord. Guidance Don Petrella $2,500.00
Dist Department Coord. Foreign Language Antonio Montes $2,500.00
Lead Teacher of Technology – District Christine Henry $1,165.00
Middle School
Dept Coord Language Arts MS Susan Smith $1,162.00
Dept Coord Math MS Autumn Kelly $1,162.00
Dept Coord Science MS Jeff Devlin $1,162.00
Dept Coord Social Studies MS Chip Deveney $1,162.00
Dept Coord Special Ed MS Tom Frevert $1,162.00
Lead Teacher of Technology MS Debbie Frasca $1,165.00
Team Coor 6-1 MS Jodi Sproule $2,114.00
Team Coord 6-II MS Janet Edleman $2,114.00
Team Coor 6-3 MS Amanda Lawless $2,114.00
Team Coord 7-I MS Kelly Dunne $2,114.00
Team Coord 7-II MS Chip Deveney $2,114.00
Team Coord 7/8- MS Lambert Liebel $2,114.00
Team Coord 8-I MS Tom Bailey $2,114.00
Team Coord 8-II MS Susan Smith $2,114.00
Lower Pottsgrove
Elem Grade Coordinator LP 3rd grade Kristen Rambo $2,114.00
Elem Grade Coordinator LP 3rd grade  – semester 1 Veronica Lightcap $1,057.00
Elem Grade Coordinator LP 3rd grade  – semester 2 Brisha Armstrong $1,057.00
Elem Grade Coordinator LP 4th grade Robin Scouton $2,114.00
Elem Grade Coordinator LP-4th grade – semester 1 Ali Bainbridge $1,057.00
Elem Grade Coordinator LP-4th grade – semester 2 Nicole Zawada-Care $1,057.00
Elem Grade Coordinator LP 5th grade Eric Sawchuk $2,114.00
Elem Grade Coordinator LP 5th grade Brenda Novak $2,114.00
Elem Grade Coordinator LP Encore Melissa Vishio $2,114.00
Lead Teacher of Technology LP EL Jen Egan $1,165.00
Elem Team  Coordinator Spec Ed LP Sue Michener $2,114.00
Ringing Rocks
Elem Grade Coordinator RR KA Crystal Lloyd $2,114.00
Elem Grade Coordinator RR KB Maria Benedict $2,114.00
Elem Grade Coordinator RR 1A Lauren Delp $2,114.00
Elem Grade Coordinator RR 1B Sara Beaver $2,114.00
Elem Grade Coordinator RR 2A Vicki Winnick $2,114.00
Elem Grade Coordinator RR 2B Kari Klaus $2,114.00
Elem Grade Coordinator RR Encore Rebeca Diehl $2,114.00
Lead Teacher of Technology RR EL Karen Ottaviano $1,165.00
West Pottsgrove
Elem Grade Coordinator WP K Sharon Yacovelli $2,114.00
Elem Grade Coordinator WP 1 Joan Kabakjian $2,114.00
Elem Grade Coordinator WP 2 Brenda Hoch $2,114.00
Elem Grade Coordinator WP Encore Marianne Harrison $2,114.00

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