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Monday Headlines In The Sanatoga Post

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  • Saturday Drug Take-Back Hits New Record
    With four photos. Residents in Lower, Upper and West Pottsgrove, and across most of western Montgomery County, rid themselves of a record amount of unwanted medications during Saturday’s local police participation in the National Drug Take-Back day.
  • In Amity, They Knew It Was A Bad Day When …
    Police in Amity Township reported an Airport Road resident didn’t start work Friday in the best of moods.
  • Follow Land Transfer Into Pottstown’s History
    A story of land, its transfer, and its use represents a more than 70-year early history of Pottstown. Learn more about it Nov. 4 during a special talk at Pottsgrove Manor on West King Street.
  • Spring City Police Caution On Drug Branding
    Dealers of the illegal drug methamphetamine are using playful children’s stickers to brand their merchandise, the Spring City Police Department reported.


Joe Zlomek, Managing Editor

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