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Lower Pottsgrove Promotes AED Finder Contest

LOWER POTTSGROVE PA – A monthly contest that began Wednesday (Nov. 1, 2017), in which junior or senior students at any Montgomery County high school can win a $250 scholarship just for taking selected photos with their cell phones, is being promoted in part by the Lower Pottsgrove Police Department.

The department took to its Facebook page to share an announcement from the county Department of Public Safety and a non-profit organization called PulsePoint about the contest’s availability. To participate, registered students need only to take photos of any automated external defibrillators (AEDs) they discover at any location within the county, and post it online with a location description and the hashtag #MontcoAED.

The intent is to create a photo and location database of all AEDs in the county, so they can be quickly found and used when someone is suffering a heart attack. The county and PulsePoint are cooperating to encourage the public to load a PulsePoint app on their cell phones that makes finding AEDs easier. A $250 scholarship will be awarded to the contestant who takes the greatest number of hashtagged photos each month (at top).

PulsePoint said it is working with the county department and other public safety agencies to improve communications with citizens and off-duty emergency personnel. It wants them to use location-aware mobile devices and possibly help prevent deaths from sudden cardiac arrest. The contest appears on, a related crowd-funding website dedicated to installing AED devices where children learn and play.

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