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You’re reading News Feed for Friday, Nov. 3, 2017, a curation by The Post of local news articles from a variety of sources. They’re anticipated to be of interest to readers, but could not be covered by its staff. Click on any linked headline to read its accompanying story.


Pottstown worker injured after falling into pit at construction site
One man was taken to the hospital Thursday after a fall at a construction site left him injured. (The Mercury)

Road work near Pottstown Hospital to temporarily change traffic patterns
Traffic patterns at Pottstown Hospital will temporarily change as road work is done near the building next week. (The Mercury)


State officials promise medical marijuana within 6 months
Medical marijuana will be available to Pennsylvania patients within six months, two high-ranking state health officials said Wednesday. They announced the creation of an online registry for medical marijuana patients, caregivers, and physicians. (

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