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You’re reading News Feed for Monday, Dec. 11, 2017, a curation by The Post of local news articles from a variety of sources. They’re anticipated to be of interest to Post Publications’ readers, but could not be covered by its staff. Click on any linked headline to read its accompanying story.

The Pottsgroves

Police officers spread Christmas cheer with Helpers and Heroes program
If there’s any time of year that makes adults feel like kids again, it’s the Christmas season. Area police officers got to experience that first-hand Saturday as they strolled the aisles of Target in Upland Square. (The Mercury)


Pottstown celebrates the season with Hometown Holiday
Anyone walking down East High Street in Pottstown on Saturday may have mistaken their whereabouts for a scene in a Christmas movie, as the first snow of the season began to fall. (The Mercury)

Pottstown budget knot remains tied at 18% tax hike
Borough council was not much closer to making a decision Wednesday night than it was last month about a proposed $54.7 million budget for 2018 that would raise taxes by more than 18 percent. (The Mercury)

Norristown man jailed for robbing Pottstown man at gunpoint
A Norristown man is headed to jail for the armed robbery of a Pottstown man, during which he stole a cellphone and cash from the victim. (Times Herald)

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