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Now, THIS Is Our Idea Of A School PTA Meeting!

SANATOGA PA – It may not be the most orthodox place for a Parent-Teacher Association gathering, but it sure sounds like a great location.

The Pottsgrove Middle School PTA will meet tonight (Wednesday, Dec. 20, 2017), not in the terrazzo-floored halls of the middle school building on North Hanover Street but in the cozy confines of Ron’s Crooked Hill Tavern and Restaurant at 1271 N. Sanatoga Rd. The opening gavel (or maybe more appropriately, the bottom of a glass) hits the table at 7 p.m. for a call to order.

The evening is devoted less to PTA business and more to celebrating the season, the group noted on its Facebook page … and who can blame it?, plenty of parents say. At each of the Pottsgrove School District’s five educational buildings, extracurricular activities and programs often are funded by the PTAs and staffed by their hard-working volunteers. Enjoying a mid-year holiday break strikes many as a sane idea.

Here’s the best part: you’re invited. The Middle School PTA post was very specific: “all are welcome,” it said. Sure, you’ll have to pay your own way; Ron’s is moderately priced, gets great reviews on Yelp, and if you’re into oysters, crab legs, or fish-and-chips it’s THE local place to be. The restaurant crew wouldn’t mind a little extra business, either.

If you go, show your thanks. Buy the PTA a round.

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