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District Warning: ‘Bundle Up’ For High School

LOWER POTTSGROVE PA – Parents of students at Pottsgrove High School reportedly received telephone and other notices during the New Year holiday weekend (Jan. 1, 2018), warning of heating problems in some areas of the Kauffman Road school building. It said classes would be held as scheduled, according to recipients, but suggested students wear “heavier clothing” to compensate for potentially colder temperatures in some interior locations.

As of today (Tuesday, Jan. 2) at 6 a.m., no similar notices had been posted on the Pottsgrove School District or high school web pages, nor were there any messages about a schedule, if any is needed, for repairs.

On social media outlets, a few parents indicated they were concerned about the comfort of their students in the building during the intensely cold weather. Temperatures across the greater Pottstown area today are expected to range between 6 and 22 degrees, according to AccuWewather.

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