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Bank Card Skimming Woes Migrate To Pennsburg

PENNSBURG PA – Debit and credit card-skimming problems that surfaced in Lower Pottsgrove during late December, at an unnamed local financial institution and at the Turkey Hill Minit Market in Sanatoga, are now plaguing card users in the greater Pennsburg area.

Unlike Lower Pottsgrove police, who knew where skimmers had been installed, the Upper Perkiomen Police Department in Pennsburg on Tuesday (Jan. 2, 2018) said its detectives were still working hard to determine exact locations for devices in their jurisdiction.

The department issued a warning about its suspicions on its Facebook page. The devices can read and remember credit card numbers and access codes, that are then used by criminals for fraud and theft.

A local financial institution, presumably one whose customers had their cards tapped, apparently alerted Upper Perkiomen police to the problem. It was not identified by name. Police believe one or more skimmers have been installed at a local business, probably on an automated teller machine (ATM) or gas pump. They have not pinpointed the location.

Like Lower Pottsgrove, the Upper Perkiomen department said it would keep the public informed of developments in its investigation.

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