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Pottsgrove Changes Board Committee Seating

Smiling Pottsgrove School District solicitor Marc Davis, and board Secretary Ashley Custer, prepare for Tuesday’s meeting

WEST POTTSGROVE PA – New committee assignments were issued Tuesday (Jan. 9, 2018) to members of the Pottsgrove Board of School Directors’ by President Matt Alexander, in what he said he hoped would be “a breath of fresh air” because committee personnel had remained unchanged for two years.

As with most public entities, nitty-gritty details of what happens with Pottsgrove School District policies and procedures get discussed and resolved on the committee level, and are then forwarded to the full board of directors for consideration. Alexander praised committee operations to date and said he considered them effective, but indicated that fresh perspectives could be helpful.

To that end, Alexander named directors:

  • Bill Parker as chair, and Jim Lapic and Scott Hutt as members of the board Policy Committee;
  • Ashley Custer as chair, and Parker, Charles Nippert, and himself as members of the Curriculum and Technology Committee;
  • Bob Lindgren as chair, and Lapic and Nippert as members of the Operations and Facilities Committee; and
  • Patti Grimm as chair, and Hutt and Al Leach as members of the Athletics and Co-Curricular Committee.
  • A Personnel Committee will be convened “as needed with board involvement, he added.

Alexander removed the description “Student Affairs” from what was earlier named the Curriculum, Technology and Student Affair Committee. He reasoned that almost every board action in some way involved student affairs.

Leach suggested the board should act on earlier discussions to involve more Pottsgrove graduates in its work, and proposed inviting alumni to participate in athletics and co-curricular meetings. His colleagues agreed.

Also Tuesday, as a result of board votes:

  • Grimm agreed to continue to represent the board as its delegate on the Pottsgrove Recreation Board;
  • Lindgren volunteered to serve in a position he previously held, as board liaison to the Pennsylvania School Boards Association; and
  • Alexander agreed to represent the board in its dealings with the Montgomery County Intermediate Unit.

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