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  • Township Board Opposes Sanatoga Pole Barn Plan
    A contractor wants to use an East High Street building in Sanatoga as an office, and also hopes to build a pole barn there. The office seems OK, Lower Pottsgrove commissioners said, but not the barn.
  • Personnel, Real Estate Executive Session Topics
    Personnel and real estate were topics of a 45-minute-long Lower Pottsgrove Board of Commissioners’ executive session Thursday night.
  • PCTV Broadcasts Jan. 23 School Board Meeting
    With video. Now available for your viewing pleasure, PCTV is broadcasting the Jan. 23 meeting of the Pottsgrove Board of School Directors.
  • Weekend Stuff To Do On The Post Calendar
    This weekend in Pottstown enjoy an MCCC faculty art show, and grab your spoon for the annual Soup Bowl fund-raiser. See two art exhibits in Collegeville, learn how to identify trees in winter in Green Lane. In Trappe, hear some Southern rock, or take a tour at The Muhlenberg House.
  • How’s A Free, In-State College Education Sound?
    Two groups introduced a proposal Tuesday they said could end in-state college tuition costs for Pottsgrove School District families and others state-wide. It would cost an added $1 billion a year, to be supported primarily by new taxes.
  • Pottstown Man Faces 19 Counts In Investigation
    Pottstown police and Montgomery County SWAT officers descended on a Jefferson Avenue apartment after an investigation of alleged illegal drug trafficking. A 25-year-old man faces multiple charges.
  • Musical Part Of Third Education Foundation Gala
    Proceeds from this year’s third annual Pottstown Education Gala will benefit programs of the Foundation for Pottstown Education. It’s scheduled for March 3, and includes dinner and The Little Mermaid musical.
  • Township Ponders Dealing With Bike Inventory
    Some were lost and found, some maybe stolen and recovered. Lower Pottsgrove police have accumulated several bicycles, and are asking the Board of Commissioners for permission to clean house.
  • Court Redistricting Decision A History-Maker
    If a Pennsylvania Supreme Court ruling stands, and the state’s congressional district map must be redrawn, it’s almost certain that many western Montgomery County municipalities will be affected.
  • Little League Holds Last In-Person Registration
    Pottsgrove Little League so far has held two in-person registration sessions for Spring 2018 players. The last is scheduled for Saturday from 9 a.m. to noon at Pottsgrove Middle School.
  • Pottsgrove Prepares For Kindergarten Sign-Ups
    Kindergarten registration in the Pottsgrove School District will open Feb. 1. If your child will reach age 5 by Aug. 31, the time to start the sign-up process is only a week away.
  • Pottstown Honors 1,000-Point Scorer Reddick
    Pottstown girls basketball star Ebony Reddick recently scored the 1,000th point of her court career. The high school didn’t let the moment pass unnoticed.
  • Police: ‘Plans For Such An Event Do Work’
    If the “inert hand grenade” found Monday in Lower Pottsgrove Elementary School had been real, police said, the actions taken and procedures followed would have kept students and staff safe, a report said. Their investigation is continuing.
  • ‘Grenade’ Prompted Lower Pottsgrove School Alert
    A lockout Monday morning at Lower Pottsgrove Elementary School on Buchert Road was prompted by discovery of a “hand grenade” that police and bomb squad experts later determined was inactive. All students and faculty were reported as safe.
  • Two-Band Concert Benefits Pottstown’s Homeless
    A second annual “Welcome Home” concert, scheduled for Feb. 3 by the Pottstown CARES student collaborative, will raise funds to assist The Ministries At Main Street programs for the homeless.
  • Get Your Roller Derby On, With A Feb. 5 Practice
    With video. Feeling a little feisty? OK, maybe a lot feisty? Put that female energy and enthusiasm to work in a sport specifically created for it: roller derby.
  • Scheduled This Week In Pottsgrove Sports
    These Pottsgrove Falcons athletic events are scheduled for the coming week (Monday through Saturday, Jan. 22-27, 2018), according to the Pottsgrove School District athletics office.
  • Road Salt Offers Safety, But Affects Public Water
    There’s a need to keep drivers safe on Pennsylvania’s winter roads, and there’s a need to keep local water sources clean. The Chesapeake Bay Foundation admits that’s a balancing act.
  • Alternating 422 Right Lane Closures This Week
    In Lower Pottsgrove, a portion of the eastbound right lane of U.S. Route 422 will be closed Monday and Tuesday; and a portion of the westbound right lane, on Wednesday and Thursday.
  • Limerick Board OKs Giant Food’s Beer, Wine Sales
    Limerick supervisors have approved the transfer of a liquor license for in-store and to-go beer and wine sales by November at the Giant Food Store in Lakeview Shopping Centre on Township Line Road.
  • Former Bank Manager Now Heads Ambler’s Offices
    Erin Cohen, who in high school started as a bank teller and later managed a bank in Limerick, has been named as vice president of all Ambler Savings Bank retail operations.

Joe Zlomek, Managing Editor

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