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Even At Night, Pottsgrove Manor A Bustling Place

POTTSTOWN PA – Centuries ago, when America was still a British colony and wealthy businessman John Potts owned much of that land that later became Pottstown, a setting sun rarely marked the end of a work day … only the start of a new portion of one.

How did the family and their servants carry on when natural light expired, long before the age of electricity? That’s a question that the staff of Pottsgrove Manor museum, 100 W. King St., attempts to answer in what it describes as an “engaging and informative new exhibit” called “Good Night At The Manor.”

The exhibit opens Feb. 24 (2018; Saturday) and runs through Nov. 11 (Sunday). Exhibit tours will be given during regular museum hours; admission is free, but donations are appreciated.

Good Night At The Manor highlights evening routines and tasks of everyone in the 1752 Manor house. Visitors will learn about many duties completed by servants and slaves in the house, such as cleaning, sewing, and preparing for the next day. Nightly rituals of an elite family, such as John and Ruth Potts along with their 13 children, will be explored.

Guests also can learn differences between materials used in making fine expensive candles, compared to cheaper and greasy tallow candles. They can smell a popular bedtime tea and historic beauty ingredients, and find out if they can identify the sounds of night common surrounding a colonial home. Original 18th century objects such as sleep ware and lighting will be on display, and an interactive space allows you to figure out how far candlelight can really go.

The exhibit will open with a special introduction by its curator, Amy Reis, Feb. 24 at 4 p.m., followed by candlelit tours of the manor. For more information, call 610-326-4014.

Pottsgrove Manor is located near the intersection of King Street and Route 100, just off Route 422. It is convenient to the Carousel at Pottsgrove, and the Manatawny Green Miniature Golf Course.

Even At Night, Pottsgrove Manor A Bustling Place

Graphic from Pottsgrove Manor

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