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Klotz Resigns As Commissioner; Moving To NJ

Klotz Resigns As Commissioner; Moving To NJSANATOGA PA – Lower Pottsgrove Commissioners’ Vice Chairman Stephen Klotz (at right and at top) traded seats Monday night (Feb. 5, 2018) with Chairman Bruce Foltz, and led the Board of Commissioners‘ meeting as a sparse but curious audience silently wondered about the switch. Its reason was revealed about an hour later, as the session finished.

Klotz announced he will resign from the board at month’s end.

Klotz has received a promotion from his employer – Horizon Services LLC, a heating, ventilation, and air conditioning company with headquarters in Pennsylvania and three adjoining states – and will move to Brick Township NJ to become a director of sales. He called it a “dream job” toward which he’s worked for some time.

As vice chairman, Klotz has officiated at many board meetings in Foltz’s absence. The Monday gesture was one fellow commissioners were obviously pleased to accommodate, in part to recognize Klotz’s 20-year service to the community, first in local youth sports groups and then in a variety of volunteer and elected public positions.

After Klotz read aloud a letter of resignation he tendered earlier to the board, Foltz led him to the front of the audience for presentation of a commemorative award and to publicly thank him for his time and efforts. Foltz praised Klotz’s willingness to assist the township in any capacity requested, and said he, Klotz, and the commissioners “had worked well together as a team. I’m certainly going to miss you,” Foltz added.

Once seated, the visibly emotional Klotz thanked township staff members, collectively and some by name individually, for help they had provided over the years. He praised his board colleagues for their advice, guidance and camaraderie, and acknowledged that although they occasionally disagreed on a topic they nonetheless reached decisions in the township’s best interests.

Commissioners reciprocated. Bob Mohollen called Klotz “a man of great passion.” Ray Lopez cited Klotz’s excellence, ethics, “and his willingness to listen.” Earl Swavely referred to him as “a very, very important part of Lower Pottsgrove.”

“You’ll be very difficult to replace,” Foltz added.

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