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Next Year School Calendar OK, Grad Date Locked

LOWER POTTSGROVE PA – Mark your calendar: Friday, June 7, 2019, is the date you can expect Pottsgrove High School to conduct its 2018-2019 graduation ceremonies.

What about this year’s commencement, you ask? The Pottsgrove Board of School Directors couldn’t be as precise about that during its Tuesday (Feb. 13, 2018) meeting because snow day needs may still lie ahead, at least through the end of March.

The willingness to lock in next year’s caps-and-gowns procession now, as part of an overall 2018-2019 school calendar approval, nonetheless represents a board desire to give parents and students more assurance about the single day most important to many of them, directors said. “People value their time off. They prefer certainty. Locking in the graduation date makes sense,” Vice President Robert Lindgren said.

  • The calendar approved by board members, which was part of Tuesday’s meeting agenda, is online here.

Annual commencement dates have been akin to moving targets during Pottsgrove’s past. The fickleness of Mother Nature, and her penchant for occasionally late and heaping amounts of local snowfall, made it difficult for administrators to plan graduation because the remaining need for snow days was unknown. Board members like Lindgren and Al Leach wanted to put such juggling behind them.

“I’ve been asking for this for years,” Leach said with a smile.

Creating a school calendar involves plenty of moving pieces, Superintendent Dr. William Shirk reminded directors. It must account for state education requirements, employee work days, class sessions in each building, and the somewhat indeterminable weather. That’s more easily done a year in advance, he noted, than in only a few months.

Some board members hoped to lock in this year’s graduation date (only tentatively identified as June 8) as well. A majority heeded Shirk and decided to wait at least another month or more – when spring flowers begin to bloom – before making that attempt.

Also Tuesday, the school board:

  • Heard more about, but took no action on, the superintendent’s proposals to add two new administrative positions and an instructional support specialist, and expand the hours of an existing secretary, to better provide supervision and services within the district;
  • Approved several personnel actions, including supplemental appointments for coaching and other oversight positions for spring sports and activities at the schools; and
  • Agreed to proceed with re-licensing for computer accounting software used by the district business office.

The Post expects to publish separate stories about those items in coming editions.

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