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Digital Dollars! Township Office To Accept Credit

SANATOGA PA – When you next walk into the Lower Pottsgrove municipal building to buy leaf bags or recycle bins, have photocopies made, or pay for a building permit, leave your cash at home. Instead, just say “charge it,” and township employees will happily take your credit card, Manager Ed Wagner said.

The digital credit age has arrived only gradually at the township offices, 2199 Buchert Rd. Lower Pottsgrove property owners and others have for years been able to pay local, county, and school district taxes, as well as trash bills, using credit cards online with Township sewer bills can be paid the same way, albeit with a different recipient code. Cards could not be accepted, however, at the municipal building service counter.

That changes as of next Tuesday (Feb. 20, 2018), when plastic money will be as good as the real deal for a limited number of purchases … pretty much any items not already covered by Official Payments, according to Wagner. Those still must be processed online.

Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover Card? They’ll all be good at the counter. Expect to pay a service fee, though, for using credit: a minimum of $3 or 2.65 percent, whichever is greater. The fee gets paid to the processor, not the township.

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