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Say So Long! Thursday To Old Township Website

SANATOGA PA – After many years the Lower Pottsgrove municipal website has received a top-to-tails makeover, effective  Thursday (Sept. 6, 2018). Sometime between mid-morning and mid-afternoon computer coding experts for CivicPlus, a Manhattan KS company the township hired for its website re-design, threw the digital switches switches necessary to usher in the new online look  (above) and discard  the old one (at bottom) .

If you’ve browsed websites of municipal neighbors like the borough of Pottstown or Limerick Township, the appearance may be familiar to you. CivicPlus created their websites too, and some of their components are duplicated in Lower Pottsgrove’s version.

There are new features too, township Secretary Sharon Colletti told the Board of Commissioners on Tuesday (Sept. 4, 2018), when she displayed and navigated through the new website on a color screen suspended from the ceiling in the municipal building conference room. All are intended, she said, “with the goal of making the website very user friendly.” Many people (even her, initially, Colletti admitted) previously had trouble trying to find commonly requested items. That confusion has been eliminated, she believes.

Commissioner Michael McGroarty agrees. When board members got an advance peek at the new site last week, he said, McGroarty “went over it with a fine-toothed comb.” He was “very pleased” with what he saw, the commissioner added, and particularly by what he and others called long-overdue improvements.

Colletti cautioned, though, that the website remains a work in progress for awhile. There are likely to be some further changes, and users might encounter a glitch or two. If you find one, send a description to the township by e-mail to Township Manager Ed Wagner also warned the website change may, for a short time, result in the inability to connect online. Everything was operating late Thursday afternoon.

Say So Long! Thursday To Old Township Website

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New and old website images from Lower Pottsgrove Township

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