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Pottsgrove Board Honors James’ Contributions

With video. Pottsgrove schools paid tribute Tuesday to Lower Pottsgrove Police

Editor’s Selections Wednesday In The Post

An alleged Lower Pottsgrove robber makes an unusual request, they boiled

Pottsgrove Facilities Director Resigns, Interim Named

Long-time Pottsgrove schools' Director of Facilities Michael Katzenmoyer has resigned, according

Township Collector Reports Tax Bill Surprise!

If you live in Lower Pottsgrove township, it's not likely to

14 Area Residents Excel In Collegiate Studies

They made the president's list, or dean's list, or honor roll.

Banner Year, But School Pensions Still Deep In Red

The pension fund on which Pottsgrove, Spring-Ford and Pottstown teachers depend

Attorney Gains New Title, Brandt Says Of Brant

There's a reason, reporter Evan Brandt writes, that attorney Robert Brant's

Beware! Identity Theft Happens To Children Too

Pennsylvania CPAs reported Monday that child identity theft is a growing

ProPublica Seeks Troubled Home Owners As Sources

A national news organization with which The Post is affiliated wants

Pottsgrove Seeking New Signage At Hearing

The number of wall and freestanding signs identifying Pottsgrove School District

18 Pottsgrove Students In Percussion Ensemble

Members of the group's 2015 edition recently were named on its

Dozens Of Locals Honored By Colleges, Universities

Students from Pottsgrove, Pottstown and Spring-Ford Area schools have been honored

Advocates Urging State On Weighted School Funding

Some PA school districts, with student populations that haven't grown in

Locals In Cavalcade Band March On Disneyland

In California to perform during Thursday's Tournament of Roses Parade, students

Pottsgrove High Reconstruction, 2014

Here's a list of news articles about the reconstruction and renovation

Pottsgrove Represented In Thursday’s Roses Parade

If you watch the Rose Bowl parade Thursday on television, you

Happy Holidays From The Post (Gifts Enclosed!)

With 3 videos. Sanatoga Post Managing Editor Joe Zlomek and his

Fewer Jobs Out There For Student Workers

Middle- and high school students in Pottsgrove, Spring-Ford and Pottstown aren't

From Santa’s Bag Comes Pottsgrove Computers

Santa's deputized elves delivered new MacBook laptops Thursday to Pottsgrove High

Theirs May Not Be The Stuff Of Project Runway

Pottsgrove High School teachers were caught Friday in what a well-known

Township’s Newest Police Officer Takes His Oath

With 10 photos. The 18th officer to join the ranks Thursday