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Tell PennDOT About Your Priorities For Its Money

Pennsylvania's transportation department is doing long-range planning, both on how and

Proposed Law Seeks To Help Seniors, Property Investors

Investors could pay real estate taxes on senior citizens' homes with

Tax Sessions, Breakfast Casualties Of Coming Storm

Two events had been scheduled for Monday by state Rep. Mark

College Leaders Make State Funding Case in Harrisburg

Three community college leaders, including Montgomery County Community College President Dr.

Governor Ties Education Funding To Targeted Grants

If school districts like Pottsgrove, Pottstown and Spring-Ford hope for more

Legislative Clock Ticking On Schools’ Pension Reform

Pennsylvania lawmakers have several options to deal with school employee pension

‘Paycheck Protection’ Finds Support At County Levels

Bills being considered by the Pennsylvania Legislature would deny unions the

Gov Offers Millions More For Education, But In Grants

Statewide, Gov. Corbett's budget proposes only a slight increase in basic

Concern, Few Details Expected Today In Pension Crisis

Pottsgrove and other school districts worry about having their budgets swamped

Pottsgrove’s Valentine Hopes To Represent 146th District

The current president of Pottsgrove's school board said Thursday he intended

Proposals Would Affect Public Worker Dues Payments

School district unions and other public sector labor representation in Pennsylvania

Re-Elected Senate President Cries For Pension Reform

Unless state employee and teacher pensions are "in line with the

Pay Up! For 6th Year, Turnpike Tolls Rise Again

The cost of a drive across the state on the Pennsylvania

‘Made Here, Buy Here’ Seems Logical To PA Legislator

In a move he's certain is good for Commonwealth businesses, a

For Pennsylvania Politicians, Holidays Last All Year

From Turkish rugs to all-expense-paid trips to the Super Bowl, many

Law Might Put PA Legislature On The Chopping Block

For the second consecutive year, a member of the Pennsylvania House

State Mulls Abandoning Seniority In Teacher Furloughs

Economic reality for Pennsylvania school districts may slaughter the sacred cow

Find Health Insurance Confusing? CPAs Offer Help Here

There are nine insurers offering 126 different individual healthcare plans to

Debate: Will Pennsylvania Follow Jersey’s Wage Hike?

Economists who look at a coming wage hike approved by New

Local Representative Sponsors PIAA Commemoration

The athletic association oversees high school and middle school sports events

Middle School Robotics Team Joins A Day’s Forecast

Questions about weather and natural disasters from the Pottsgrove Middle School