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Neighbor Charged In Sanatoga Fire Probe

A 52-year-old woman who is said to be a neighbor has

Pottstown Man Faces DUI Charges Following Accident

Charges were filed after Lower Pottsgrove police said they received results

4 Reported Injured Following Village Lane Disturbance

Three police officers and a paramedic were injured Tuesday morning as

Police: Pottstown Woman Arrested For Alleged Theft

The incident occurred Monday evening at the Dollar General store on

Pornogate Only Latest Scandal In Court’s History

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court is in headlines now for the state's

Tuesday Case May Affect Local Schools’ Charter Costs

The state Supreme Court hears a case Tuesday over whether Philadelphia

Convictions Complete, Township Honors Law Enforcers

11 photos. Prosecutors, investigators, detectives, patrol officers: if any were involved

Sanatoga Firm Wins An $18 Million Lawsuit Award

Benjamin Mayerson, whose office is on Sunnybrook Road, was the lead

You Might Avoid Living With An Unhappy Past

Expunging a criminal record isn't possible with every crime, but it

Time Stands Still For None In Montgomery County Court

A Pottstown man on trial Thursday in a Montgomery County court

Lower Pottsgrove Police Aim For State Accreditation

An outside team is due Sunday for a 3-day review of

Pottstown’s Wolf Baldwin Attorneys Rated ‘Awesome’

Eight attorneys from the High Street law firm were voted the

Former Township Man Facing DUI Charges In Western PA

Following release Tuesday from juvenile custody for his role in a

Police Said ‘Don’t Come Back;’ He Did, Was Arrested

A Philadelphia man had been banned from the Rolling Hills apartment

Former ‘Grove Solicitor Describes Latest Busing Ruling

In a blog article Wednesday, former Pottsgrove School District solicitor A.

MCIU Executive Director Shiveley Says He’ll Retire In June

Shiveley, who has led the organization of which the Pottsgrove School

‘Hi, You’re Being Investigated!’ Doubt It, State’s AG Says

Your phone rings. The caller, a stranger, claims you're about to

Alleged Sanatoga Robbers Identified; Face 180 Counts

At least two of the three men arrested Wednesday night after