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Street Closed For Hours After Tuesday Accident, Arrest

North Charlotte Street in Lower Pottsgrove was closed for several hours

We Got It Wrong: Speed Limit 35, Not 30 On East High

A correction from the managing editor.

‘Medical Emergency’ Stated Cause Of East High Accident

A two-car collision Saturday during mid-morning at the entrance to the

Township Police Investigate Pebble Beach Lane Burglary

A man was reported to have followed a juvenile boy to

Proud Township Police Accept Their Accreditation Early

Lower Pottsgrove didn't expect to accept its police department accreditation from

Police Arrest Township Man For Alleged Shoplifting

Lower Pottsgrove Police reported he was involved in a March 30

Success! Lower Pottsgrove Police Win Accreditation

The months-long process of examination by the Pennsylvania Chiefs of Police

Township Police Allege Thefts Occurred At ATMs

Lower Pottsgrove police have charged a Pottstown man with theft-related offenses

Driver On North Keim Street Dies Following Accident

The man, described as in serious condition after the Monday accident

Two-Student Fight Occurs During HS Lunch Period

The Friday morning incident was quickly contained, Principal Dr. Bill Ziegler

Congestion Anew On 422, As Lane Restrictions Persist

Your commute on eastbound U.S. Route 422 across Lower Pottsgrove and

Police Work Is Dangerous, But They Didn’t Foresee This

Lower Pottsgrove police, and their brethren elsewhere, face all sorts of

You Could Almost Hear Sigh Of Relief In Sanatoga

Tuesday was the last day of a visit by Pennsylvania Chiefs

Lower Pottsgrove Police Aim For State Accreditation

An outside team is due Sunday for a 3-day review of

Cars Crash, Fuel Spill Closes North Pleasant View

At least one occupant was known to be injured in the

Municipal Building Not A Fortress, But Now More Secure

Several security-related improvements have been installed at the Lower Pottsgrove municipal

Tuesday Medical Drive Accident Results In An Arrest

The two-car accident occurred shortly after 3:30 p.m. One driver faces

Former Township Man Facing DUI Charges In Western PA

Following release Tuesday from juvenile custody for his role in a

Board’s Police Committee Publicizes Its Meeting Dates

The two-member Board of Commissioners' committee has confirmed, in a legal

Thursday Evening Incident Required Coroner’s Presence

Most details of the East High Street event were offered by

Lost Something Valuable? You’ll Want To Make This Call

Lower Pottsgrove police have some found property that might be yours.