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Weather Archive

Were You Among Those Needing An Umbrella?

Folks across the greater Pottstown area were drenched Wednesday, as the

Snow Delays ‘Sound Of Music,’ Pottsgrove Dedication

Surprise snowfall on spring's first day put a damper on Pottsgrove

So, Just How Much Snow Did You Get?

Upper Pottsgrove's Beck measured his. So did township neighbor Lipsky ...

Even Dogs Love A Snow Day Like Thursday

Just watch Rocky romp in Lower Pottsgrove.

Township Worries About Dwindling Road Salt Supply

The icy winter has so far taken its toll on Lower

Pottsgrove Schools Close, Cite Weather And Roads

It's a snow day Thursday for students in the Pottsgrove School

Pottsgrove Schools Cancel Tuesday Activities

It is anticipating icy weather Tuesday afternoon and evening.

‘Not Nice’ Snow And Ice Delay Pottsgrove Schools

Pottsgrove School District buildings will open 2 hours later Monday due

PennDOT Lowered 422 Speed Limit During Storm

The state transportation agency Tuesday temporarily reduced, from 55 to 45,

Icy Weather Closed Pottsgrove Schools Tuesday

An overnight storm created adverse road conditions, administrators said.

Editor’s Selections Tuesday In The Post

PA district attorneys say they were ignored by governor on death

Pottsgrove Schools Open Two Hours Late Tuesday

Concerns over icy morning road conditions was cited as the reason.

Pottsgrove Schools Cancel Monday Night Events

It cited concern over forecasts for a severe drop in temperatures

Pottsgrove Delays Monday School Start 2 Hours

Blame it on weather conditions that made roads icy.

Editor’s Selections Sunday In The Post

A drug arrest at a North Charlotte Street apartment; two nabbed

Township Declared Snow Emergency Monday Night

Lower Pottsgrove municipal officials didn't want to take a chance with

Editor’s Selections Monday In The Post

Lower Pottsgrove state senator proposes law to reduce drunk driving; heaviest

Editor’s Selections Saturday In The Post

The get-away driver in a 2013 Lower Pottsgrove bank heist is

Pottsgrove Closed Schools Early Wednesday

It anticipated inclement weather from a coming winter storm.

Editor’s Selections Monday In The Post

More details on how Pottstown's library will use grant money; volunteer

Weather Affects Pottsgrove Private-School Riders

Inclement weather Wednesday caused the Pottsgrove School District to alter transportation