Safe Food Handler Certification Course Next Month

Safe food handling is the goal of a restaurant-sponsored course that will be conducted next month by Montgomery County Cooperative Extension.

College, Non-Profit Agency Co-Host Substance Abuse Talk

The 70-minute session in Blue Bell, with a simulcast in Pottstown, is intended to serve as a starting point in identifying drug and alcohol abuse and getting help for those affected.

Pottsgrove Asks Township For A $660,000 ‘Courtesy’

Lower Pottsgrove commissioners have been asked by the Pottsgrove School District to waive roughly $660,000 in fees for reconstruction of Pottsgrove High School. They're "thinking" about it.

Spadt Says He’ll Resign From Lower Pottsgrove Board

The long-time commissioner and former Board of Commissioners' president said Monday he will be traveling even more in the future for work, and hopes to spend remaining time with his family.

Weather’s Near Perfect, So Go Grill, Grill, Grill

Today's Food Page: Grilled American Lamb Sirloin, Turkey And Brie Grilled Cheese, Ancho Chile-Rubbed Grilled T-Bones, Cheesy Bacon And Egg Casserole, and a breakfast shake.

Employers Should Avoid Exams For Screening, Pitt Says

A Sunday editorial in the student-run University of Pittsburgh newspaper took employers to task for using college admissions' test scores as a method of pre-screening job candidates.

A Restful, If Not Quiet, Botanical Oasis In Los Angeles

It's easy to describe the Mathias Botanical Garden, on the southeast side of the UCLA campus in Los Angeles, as restful. It's another thing entirely to try and call it quiet.

Proud Township Police Accept Their Accreditation Early

Lower Pottsgrove didn't expect to accept its police department accreditation from the Pennsylvania Chiefs of Police Association until July. The timetable was pushed ahead Monday.

‘Grove Considers $108,000 High School ‘Commissioning’

On Tuesday's Pottsgrove school board agenda is a proposal to spend $108,000 for "commissioning" in the high school's reconstruction. It would prove the district deserves a $2 million grant.

Did Cap’n Crunch Really Wink At You? Maybe So

Walk down the breakfast cereal aisles at supermarkets in Lower Pottsgrove and elsewhere, and you may have the eerie feeling someone's watching you. They are.

Speculation Renews Over Possible Sale Of The Mercury

The firm that manages The Mercury for its investment fund owner laid off almost 50 staffers Wednesday in New York City. That's led to national speculation that its newspapers, like Pottstown's, will again be put up for sale.

Pottsgrove Board Poised To Name Director Of Education

The Pottsgrove School District on Friday confidently announced the selection of its new director of education and assessment. That usually means school board approval is expected.

Police Arrest Township Man For Alleged Shoplifting

Lower Pottsgrove Police reported he was involved in a March 30 incident at the CVS Pharmacy, 1833 E. High St.

Pottsgrove Students Benefit From This ‘Master’ Journey

Pottsgrove High School Spanish language teacher Kimberly Sheeler is ending the spring with a master's degree from West Chester University. Her future students win as much as she will.

Before It Leaves For Europe, Choir Offers Parting Gift

The Pottsgrove High School Concert Choir is set to perform later this month in London and Paris. Before it leaves, though, it will provide fans with a special concert preview Monday.

Cat NAPS Group Offers Pretzels, Pet Adoption Saturday

Help support its local trap, neuter, return program as a humane solution to control the feral cat population.

PEAK Hosts Another Family Activity, Resources Day

Pottstown's kindergarten readiness program is partnering with Pottstown Memorial Medical Center and other supporters to provide families in need with as much help as possible.

Success! Lower Pottsgrove Police Win Accreditation

The months-long process of examination by the Pennsylvania Chiefs of Police Association ended Wednesday with word that the township department has met highest standards for law enforcement.

River Commission OKs Continued Oxy Water Clean-Up

The Delaware River Basin Commission, which oversees what gets emptied into the Schuylkill River, has allowed further filtering of ground water at a former Lower Pottsgrove industrial property.

Hear A Roar? It’s Motorists, Not March, On Route 422

The month of March did its fair share of roaring. The sound may not abate in April, as U.S. Route 422 restrictions continue in Lower Pottsgrove while bridge beams are set in place.

Annual Easter Egg Hunt Returns To Lower Pottsgrove

By the morning of April 12, the athletic fields of Gerald Richards Park in Sanatoga will be littered with colorful Easter eggs, left there by a bunny for children ages 2-8.