We Got It Wrong: Speed Limit 35, Not 30 On East High

A correction from the managing editor.

Consider This Your Pottsgrove Postcard From Europe

Members of the Pottsgrove High School Choir performed Monday night in Paris, France. They didn't forget the folks back home; they sent a "Post"card.

Township Speed Limit On East High Slows To 35 MPH

In some places speeds of up to 40 were previously allowed; no longer. The 35-mph restriction across the 4-mile length of East High Street in Lower Pottsgrove takes effect immediately.

Dining With Diabetes Classes Scheduled In Boyertown

The program for adult diabetics and their families is organized by Penn State Cooperative Extension, and will be held at The Center at Spring Street.

PA Money Works Against Township’s Aggressive Drivers

Pennsylvania will cover some overtime costs of the Lower Pottsgrove Police Department so it can collar aggressive drivers. It's among more than 300 police agencies involved in the effort.

One State’s Schools Move To ACT Exams In Third Grade

ACT exams that begin in third grade, not high school, and track students' performance throughout their elementary and secondary education, will soon take effect in Alabama.

‘Medical Emergency’ Stated Cause Of East High Accident

A two-car collision Saturday during mid-morning at the entrance to the Sanatoga Village Shopping Center apparently was caused by a medical emergency incurred by one of the drivers.

Hundreds Of Township Park Egg Hunters Go Searching

A couple of hundred children and parents turned out Saturday morning (April 12) for Lower Pottsgrove's annual Easter egg hunt and sack races. There were smiles everywhere. Our gallery has 39 photos.

Township Police Investigate Pebble Beach Lane Burglary

A man was reported to have followed a juvenile boy to his home, and entered its garage. Bottles of water and juice packets there were removed. Police are urging security and vigilance.

Township Gets First Look At Future Rupert Road Bridge

There's no agreement, yet, that Montgomery County and Lower Pottsgrove will work together to replace the Rupert Road bridge. Commissioners on Monday, however, saw how a new bridge might look.

Southview Streets, Facilities Now Township-Owned

The housing community on Continental Drive off North Charlotte Street is officially completed. Lower Pottsgrove commissioners accepted ownership of its roadways and facilities Monday.

Popular Energy Drinks May Induce More Than Just A Jolt

A sizable percentage of teens and young adults, the biggest consumers of energy drinks, think they're safe. Their caffeine levels spike heart rates and blood pressure, though.

Western Career Center Wins Student Proficiency Award

The number of its students who increased proficiency in reading, math and occupational skills during 2011-2012 rose by double-digit percentages, the state reported.

Last-Minute Tax Help Available At Painter’s Office

You know you waited too long. You know the income tax filing deadline is Tuesday. Don't know what to do next? You might qualify for help from Rep. Mark Painter.

Pottsgrove Youth Football, Cheer, Holding Registrations

The newly incorporated organization promotes youth football and cheer in the Pottsgroves, and has planned player registrations for next Wednesday and April 24 at Lower Pottsgrove Elementary School.

Safe Food Handler Certification Course Next Month

Safe food handling is the goal of a restaurant-sponsored course that will be conducted next month by Montgomery County Cooperative Extension.

College, Non-Profit Agency Co-Host Substance Abuse Talk

The 70-minute session in Blue Bell, with a simulcast in Pottstown, is intended to serve as a starting point in identifying drug and alcohol abuse and getting help for those affected.

Pottsgrove Asks Township For A $660,000 ‘Courtesy’

Lower Pottsgrove commissioners have been asked by the Pottsgrove School District to waive roughly $660,000 in fees for reconstruction of Pottsgrove High School. They're "thinking" about it.

Spadt Says He’ll Resign From Lower Pottsgrove Board

The long-time commissioner and former Board of Commissioners' president said Monday he will be traveling even more in the future for work, and hopes to spend remaining time with his family.

Weather’s Near Perfect, So Go Grill, Grill, Grill

Today's Food Page: Grilled American Lamb Sirloin, Turkey And Brie Grilled Cheese, Ancho Chile-Rubbed Grilled T-Bones, Cheesy Bacon And Egg Casserole, and a breakfast shake.

Employers Should Avoid Exams For Screening, Pitt Says

A Sunday editorial in the student-run University of Pittsburgh newspaper took employers to task for using college admissions' test scores as a method of pre-screening job candidates.