The Sanatoga Post User's Guide

Sanatoga Post Users' Guide: What You'll Find Inside

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The Sanatoga Post User’s Guide is a work-in-progress

It was last updated on Oct. 6, 2015, and was started on Dec. 19, 2009. If you have suggestions,  additions, comments or complaints, contact Post Managing Editor Joe Zlomek.

The Sanatoga Post

The Sanatoga Post (referred to hereafter simply as The Post) is an online news resource intended to serve residents of Lower Pottsgrove Township PA and its accompanying village of Sanatoga PA (about 12,000 people); the Pottsgrove PA School District, of which the township is a part; and when possible and appropriate their neighboring municipalities.

The managing editor of The Post is Joseph M. “Joe” Zlomek. He and his family have lived in Sanatoga PA since March 1989.

Errors and Corrections

As perfect as we try to be, we know we are not. If The Post publishes something in error, we want to know about it and will try to correct it. Should you find a mistake, please send an e-mail as soon as possible to the managing editor ( and let us know what’s wrong.

Copyrights, And Buying Articles Published In The Post

All articles, photographs, audio and video files, and any other content that is created, and published by or appears in The Sanatoga Post and/or its companion websites are materials covered by federal copyright laws. Copyrights may be held by The Post Publications LLC, or by other owners. No content may be duplicated or transmitted in any form or by any means without the written consent of the appropriate owner.

Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to The Sanatoga Post with appropriate and specific direction to the original content.

Buying Photos Taken By The Post Staff

Reprints of photographs taken only by The Post staff, and not those taken or submitted by others, may be available for purchase. Please contact us by e-mail for details.

Frequency And Your Free Subscription

The Post is published daily. It is available via an e-mailed, free subscription. Subscribe here.

The Post‘s  newest content usually is available by 7 a.m. (although on occasion the deadline has been stretched to as late as 8 a.m.). News may be published at any time.

The daily news “budget,” or menu, usually consists of one or two originally reported and written stories (occasionally, as many as four); and three or four news briefs (occasionally, as many as six). The latter most often are re-written from press releases sent to us by readers, groups, agencies or businesses. We welcome and encourage these contributions. We cannot promise or guarantee their publication, however, nor will we in any way be obligated to do so. Submissions can be delivered in any form, but we most appreciate text files (for documents) and JPEG photos (for illustrations) sent via e-mail.

Editorials, Opinions, Comments, and Submissions

The Post intends to present timely, factual information for the benefit of its readers. It usually does not present or offer opinions, commentary or editorials of its own.

The Post usually permits readers to submit, and/or comment on, stories or other content it publishes. Comments, once approved, are appended to related stories or content. Opinions expressed in comments are those of their authors alone, and do not constitute an opinion by The Post.

The Post Publications LLC reserves its rights, in all of its editions, publications or content, and at its sole discretion, 1) to withhold publication of any comments or any submitted materials in any form; 2) to alter submitted materials in any way it deems necessary or appropriate, and to do so without consulting the submitter; 3) to restrict, limit or ban commenting or commenters, or submissions and submitters;  and 4) to alter or remove previously approved or published content, comments or submissions. The ability to comment or submit may be ended arbitrarily by The Post on any or all content at any time of its choosing without prior notice.