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It was last updated on Sept. 26, 2016, and was created Feb. 18, 2009. If you have suggestions,  additions, comments or complaints, contact The Post.

Lower Pottsgrove (PA) Township Warrants

The warrants are monthly documentation of the township’s revenue and expenses.

Pottsgrove School District Legal Opinions

Pottsgrove School District “Board Notes”

“Board Notes” is the title given by Superintendent Shellie Feola to district-published summaries of what she describes as “key discussions and action” taken during Pottsgrove Board of Directors’ meetings. They are available by e-mail subscription, and like many other public documents are archived by The Post. Agendas and official minutes of board meetings are found on the district website.

Lower Pottsgrove Act 209 Traffic Impact Fee and Capital Improvements Plan

The township Board of Commissioners in January 2016 accepted a plan, created by a committee it appointed, for proposed transportation capital improvements that would be funded by the imposition of a traffic impact fee on real estate development. Commissioners approved the plan and fee structure in February 2016.

“Momentum,” the PAID newsletter

The quarterly Pottstown Area Industrial Development (PAID) newsletter describes how newly arrived and expanding businesses within and near the borough are having a positive impact on the community.

  • 2016 editions: Winter, Fall, Summer, Spring
  • 2015 editions: Winter, Fall, Summer, Spring
  • 2014 editions: Winter, Fall, Summer, Spring

Lower Pottsgrove Township Budgets

  • Tentative 2016 budgets
  • Tentative 2015 budgets
  • Tentative 2014 budgets for the general fund, sewer fund, street lights, state fund, parks and recreation, and sewer capital fund.
  • Tentative 2012 budgets for the general fund, sewer fund, street lights, state fund, parks and recreation, and sewer capital fund.

Lower Pottsgrove Police Information

Lower Pottsgrove (PA) Financial Audits

Community Information Portals (CIPs)


Emergency and Rescue



Area Real Estate Development

Area Media

Pennsylvania’s Online Media Network

We encourage you to explore Pennsylvania’s growing network of online local news services. They include:

Municipal Government

Transportation and The Commute