Dangerous thunderstorms to rattle midwestern US Tuesday
Prior to midweek, severe thunderstorms with damaging winds, downpours and hail will threaten areas from Indiana to Texas.
May-like warmth triggering cherry blossom trees to bloom early
Millions travel to Washington, D.C. each year to catch a glimpse of the magnificent pink blossoms.
Dry spell on the horizon for West after early week bout of rain, snow
Following rain and snow in the Northwest on Sunday, another storm will take aim at California and the Southwest Monday into Tuesday.
Reports: Funnel clouds spotted in Pennsylvania as severe thunderstorms race across the Northeast
A potent line of thunderstorms will sweep across the Northeast into Saturday night with damaging winds, hail and downpours.
Downpour, gusty storm threat to return to eastern US this week
Soaking rain and locally severe thunderstorms will take aim at the eastern United States around the middle of the week.
Cold air to slash springlike temperatures in northeastern US
After record-shattering warmth baked the mid-Atlantic and Northeast to end the past week, much colder air will settle over the region on Sunday.
Reports: Severe storms threaten tornadoes, damaging winds across midwestern US
A widespread outbreak of severe weather is threatening a large portion of the Midwest.
Weekly wrap-up: Mud encases San Jose, California, after flooding; Storm Doris topples iconic Game of Thrones' tree
Flooding created chaos for hundreds in California this week, while a deadly wind storm slammed the United Kingdom.
Severe storms to disrupt Saturday activities in northeastern US
A line of severe thunderstorms will march across the northeastern United States into Saturday night with the potential for flash flooding, damaging wind gusts and isolated tornadoes.
Severe thunderstorms to rip through midwestern US into Friday night
Potent thunderstorms will threaten a portion of the midwestern United States with destructive winds and isolated tornadoes into Friday night.

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