Flash floods, wildfires to riddle western US through this weekend
The risk of isolated flash flooding and wildfire ignition and spread will continue across parts of the western United States through this weekend.
Volatile storms will unleash flooding risk along the rim of heat in the northeastern US
Rounds of heavy, gusty and locally severe thunderstorms will ride the rim of heat and roll across portions of the northeastern United States into this weekend.
5 low-maintenance plants that can purify the air in your home, office
Harmful pollutants are not confined to outdoor spaces, and they can be found in homes and offices. However, plants can help to improve indoor air quality and clean the air you and your family breathe.
Fernanda may raise surf, rip current risk in Hawaii this weekend
As Hurricane Fernanda churns closer to the Hawaiian Islands, heightened swells and rip currents could threaten bathers and boaters despite the storm weakening through this weekend.
Former Tropical Storm Don to drench southern Caribbean
The former tropical storm weakened after crossing the Windward Islands but will spread downpours westward across the southern Caribbean Sea this week.
Why does humidity make hot days feel more miserable?
If you've ever wondered why it can sometimes feel stiflingly hot as your clothes quickly dampen on a summer afternoon, humidity is the likely culprit.
Flood threat to mount as severe storms lash midwestern US into late week
Unrelenting rounds of severe weather will sweep across the midwestern United States, enhancing the threat of significant flash flooding and wind damage through the end of the week.
Magnitude-7.7 earthquake shakes northern Pacific Ocean near Alaska's Aleutian Islands
A powerful earthquake shook areas off the coast of eastern Russia late on Tuesday morning, local time.
Flash flooding dangers to continue in western US following deadly flooding in Arizona
The risk of isolated flash flooding, wildfires and dust storms will continue in Arizona and other parts of the western United States as the monsoon continues.
5 tips for saving on energy costs during the sweltering heat of summer
As the temperatures rise, so does energy consumption as air conditioners operate to keep homes cool during the sweltering summer heat.

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