Lower Pottsgrove 2014 budget Archive

Commissioners Relent; Library To Get Increase, Not Cut

They intend to restore some, but not all, of the funding

Library Funding Rescue May Lie With School Parents

Lower Pottsgrove commissioners want to cut Pottstown library funding by $10,000.

New Township Board Majority Proposes Police Boost

The guard wasn't all that changed as Lower Pottsgrove commissioners took

Police Contract Adds A Bit More Cost To 2014 Budget

Lower Pottsgrove's 2014 annual budget of $5.6 million was approved Thursday

Resident Urges Township To Hike Senior Center Funding

The Pottstown Regional Public Library will benefit from a funding increase

Township ‘Nuisance Taxes’ Won’t Change During 2014

To be decided during Thursday's (Dec. 19) wrap-up meeting of the

Property Taxes Unchanged; Fire Tax, Sewer Rates Rising

Real estate tax rates in Lower Pottsgrove Township would remain unchanged

Township Looks For Options In Yard Waste Disposal

Lower Pottsgrove must meet a state requirement to recycle its residents'

Township Budget First Meeting Scheduled Thursday

There's nothing more scintillating than a raucous and unruly municipal budget

Fall Meetings Scheduled For 2014 Township Budgets

Three are planned - one in September, and two in October