Lower Pottsgrove Board of Commissioners Archive

Township Speed Limit On East High Slows To 35 MPH

In some places speeds of up to 40 were previously allowed;

PA Money Works Against Township’s Aggressive Drivers

Pennsylvania will cover some overtime costs of the Lower Pottsgrove Police

Township Gets First Look At Future Rupert Road Bridge

There's no agreement, yet, that Montgomery County and Lower Pottsgrove will

Southview Streets, Facilities Now Township-Owned

The housing community on Continental Drive off North Charlotte Street is

Pottsgrove Asks Township For A $660,000 ‘Courtesy’

Lower Pottsgrove commissioners have been asked by the Pottsgrove School District

Spadt Says He’ll Resign From Lower Pottsgrove Board

The long-time commissioner and former Board of Commissioners' president said Monday

Proud Township Police Accept Their Accreditation Early

Lower Pottsgrove didn't expect to accept its police department accreditation from

Success! Lower Pottsgrove Police Win Accreditation

The months-long process of examination by the Pennsylvania Chiefs of Police

High School Speed Limit Sign’s Movement Delayed

A sign that warn drivers of a reduced speed limit on

Commissioners Consider Special Counsel Appointment

Lower Pottsgrove solicitor Robert Brandt also represents developers who have proposed

It’s Pretty! Too Bad New Tax Bill Won’t Be Much Enjoyed

Every year, Lower Pottsgrove Tax Collector Jennifer Marsteller issues her bills

Township Law Covers What Happens As This Snow Melts

Managing storm water, whether it's the result of a heavy rain

Board’s Police Committee Publicizes Its Meeting Dates

The two-member Board of Commissioners' committee has confirmed, in a legal

No End To Postponements; Township Cancels Meeting

Lower Pottsgrove commissioners have canceled their scheduled meeting Thursday. The board

Township Learns More Tonight About Hallman Projects

Proposed development of residential property on Lynn Drive, and the much-discussed

Solicitor Checking If Police Committee Will Be Open

Commissioners on Lower Pottsgrove's police committee intend to meet monthly with

County Caravan’s First Stop To Be Lower Pottsgrove

Montgomery County commissioners will hit the road during February of a

Commissioners Oppose Land Owner’s Steel Structure

Plans to build a home office, garage and storage structure on

Township Spent $417K During December; Here’s Where

In its normal course of business during December, Lower Pottsgrove spent

Just ‘Charge It,’ Lower Pottsgrove Can Now Say

The township has a good track record in borrowing for and

Township Begins Plans For Long-Term Improvements

In late 2012, the Lower Pottsgrove commissioners' budget committee proposed creating