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Montgomery County Voter Services Archive

In Township, 6,187 Registered For Primary Election

Lower Pottsgrove is home to 3,116 registered Republican voters and 3,071

Quigley, Painter Set For Another Showdown In 146th

In what's being described as a classic rematch, 146th House District

In Township, 6,396 Registered For Today’s Primaries

Lower Pottsgrove, according to county records, is home to 3,232 registered

It’s Local Election Day, And Your Vote Matters

Do your duty. Exercise your right. Care about your community. Vote.

Vote Today! Reach Your Polling Place With These Maps

There's no shame in forgetting where your polling place in Lower

Print Sample Ballot, Mark Your Voting Choices In Advance

You may not want the paper partisan campaigners distribute outside the

Where’s Your Polling Place Tuesday? Here’s The List

Lower Pottsgrove, Limerick and Royersford polls remain unchanged. In Pottstown, voters

Sandy Bumps County Poll Worker Classes Off Schedule

When a hurricane goes head-to-head with pre-election training, you could guess

Election Time Ahead; Register By March 26 For Primary

Montgomery County reports Lower Pottsgrove has 7,495 eligible voters, but probably

Some Township Voters May Get A New Polling Place

Under a proposal agreed upon by local members of both major

Surprise! A Busy Early Morning In District 4

"I thought it would be a quick in and quick out,"

Get Out To Vote Today (And Know Where You’re Headed)

Cast your ballots today and, as you do, accept our thanks