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Ringing Rocks Elementary School Archive

Pottsgrove Hears District Budget-Cutting Ideas

Pottsgrove Superintendent Shellie Feola thinks the district can trim as much

Police Report Cites Two Pottsgrove High Arrests

Only incidents that allegedly occurred, and not identities of those charged,

Rocks’ 2nd-Graders Show Off The Art Of Map-Making

Those flat-paper things we once opened, before turning on the GPS,

Medical Emergency Rushes Helicopter To Ringing Rocks

A child at Ringing Rocks Elementary School, who officials said was

Ringing Rocks’ Community Weeding Draws A Crowd

The all-volunteer plan: accomplish some back-bending landscape clean-up Wednesday by weeding

Volunteers Tackle Landscaping Issues At Ringing Rocks

Interested Ringing Rocks parents and volunteers are invited to attend a

Pottsgrove Pays Last Contractor Bill For Ringing Rocks

The last installment of more than $270,000 for a contractor's work

Library Lawn Signs Sprout Across Lower Pottsgrove

No one's running for public office with these decorative purple-and-white signs.

Jones Named As Permanent Principal At Ringing Rocks

A former Pottsgrove Middle School teacher, who now is assistant principal

Bozzini, Pottsgrove Agree Mum’s The Word In Separation

The separation agreement between the Pottsgrove School District and former Principal

Pottsgrove Job Contract Leaves Questions Unanswered

One of two documents sought from the Pottsgrove School District by

‘Grove Taps Former Owen J. Principal For Ringing Rocks

Pottsgrove Superintendent Shellie Feola has revealed her choice for the job

Drivers At Ringing Rocks, Beware! New Drop-Off Policies

A clarification issued Friday intends to make students safer as parents

Ramage Fills In At Ringing As It Awaits Interim Principal

The assistant principal at Pottsgrove Middle School, Dr. David Ramage, will

Upland Square Burgers Benefit Ringing Rocks PTO

A fund-raiser will help pay for activities sponsored by the Parent-Teacher

Ringing Rocks’ Recess Concerns Prompt Some Changes

Duty aides will be re-trained, and play time at the Pottsgrove

Payments For Ringing Rocks Await A Soccer Field Fix

A soccer field on the west side of Ringing Rocks Elementary

‘A Camping We Will Go!’ Hottest Tune At Ringing Rocks

The school's fifth graders are off next week for two days

Lower, Ringing Schools Seek PTO Leader Nominations

With the move to grade-level eduction centers at Pottsgrove elementary buildings,

Pottsgrove’s First Transition Meeting Tonight at Ringing

Get a handle on the transition process for Pottsgrove's redistricted elementary

Decisions Loom Friday For ‘Grove Redistricted Teachers

Friday's the deadline for Pottsgrove School District faculty members affected by