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The Pennsylvania Independent Archive

Tax Policies Target PA For Outside Poachers

Pennsylvania has the second-highest corporate tax rate in the country. Florida

Charter School Ruling May Trouble Area Districts

A Tuesday state court ruling may have a detrimental effect on

Legislature Considers Teacher Layoff Rules Changes

Tenure has been one of the sole determinants of who-goes-first during

House Budget Banks On Liquor Stores Sale Money

After months of discussion and delay, the Pennsylvania House Appropriations Committee

Senate Complicates Proposal To Downsize Legislature

The idea of reducing the size of Pennsylvania's Legislature seemed pretty

State Supreme Court OKs Warrantless Police Searches

Advocates say law enforcement needs the ruling to keep drug smugglers

PA Senate Said Closer To ‘Slaying Property Tax Beast’

Pennsylvania state senators say they think THIS is the year to

Spending May Not Matter In States’ Graduation Rates

A new report indicates there seems to be little connection between

‘Paycheck Protection’ Finds Support At County Levels

Bills being considered by the Pennsylvania Legislature would deny unions the

Proposals Would Affect Public Worker Dues Payments

School district unions and other public sector labor representation in Pennsylvania

New Strategy For State School Funds May Be A Lawsuit

Does the way Pennsylvania or other states distribute education funding constitute

Pay Up! For 6th Year, Turnpike Tolls Rise Again

The cost of a drive across the state on the Pennsylvania

‘Made Here, Buy Here’ Seems Logical To PA Legislator

In a move he's certain is good for Commonwealth businesses, a

For Pennsylvania Politicians, Holidays Last All Year

From Turkish rugs to all-expense-paid trips to the Super Bowl, many

Law Might Put PA Legislature On The Chopping Block

For the second consecutive year, a member of the Pennsylvania House

‘Go Slow,’ Business Groups Say On Property Tax Reform

Pennsylvania’s largest and loudest voices from the business community are urging

Property Tax Proposal May Give School Districts Choices

School districts like Pottsgrove, Pottstown and Spring-Ford would have greater taxing

Pennsylvanians Adding To Federal Disability Fund Woes

The state's swelling roster of recipients of payments from the Social

Unemployment Cheats, Beware! PA Set To Crack Down

A proposal to increase penalties for unemployment fraud, eliminate the statute

PA Law Enforcers Want More Access To Web Activities

Rather than obtain a warrant from a judge for information about

Not Bad For Starters: Legislators To Make $83,000

Pennsylvania state senators and House representative alike will earn a base