Grandparent Wannabes Sought By Pottstown Agency

SANATOGA PA – A hunt is on, according to Family Services of Montgomery County, for grandparents … or people of the right age and temperament who aren’t yet grandparents but who think that role would be interesting to fill.

Family Services, which operates in part from offices on East High Street in Sanatoga PA, is recruiting “dedicated senior volunteers to enhance the lives of children” in locations across the county as foster grandparents, agency Marketing Director Karen Konnick says.

Foster grandparents work in day care centers, elementary schools, Head Start programs, alternative schools, and at other community agencies, according to Konnick. They provide one-on-one academic and emotional support to children who have been abused, have physical or developmental disabilities, or are in need of additional assistance.

In short, they’re the grandparents some kids never had. The children, in turn, may provide the activity and companionship some senior citizens long for.

Volunteers must meet certain criteria. They must be age 55 or older and be willing to work a minimum of 15 hours per week. They must meet income guidelines too; the program offers limited-income seniors with a tax-free stipend, free or reimbursed meals, free transportation, and paid training.

For more information on the program or to apply, call 610-630-0201.

Photo from Google Images