For School Choice, Rep. Quigley Favors Tax Credits

HARRISBURG PA – State Rep. Tom Quigley, who represents the borough of Pottstown, and Lower Pottsgrove and Limerick (PA) townships in the Pennsylvania House, thinks a proposal to expand the state’s existing Educational Improvement Tax Credit (EITC) program provides legislators with their best chance for compromise on the issue of school choice.

Quigley is quoted extensively by The Pennsylvania Independent online news service in an article published Tuesday (April 26, 2011), which describes how House members are promoting EITC as a school choice proposal that is smaller and less costly, because it relies on tax credits rather than tax dollars.

Rather than create a new voucher program, as the state Senate is proposing, the House plan would let students from families that earn $75,000 or less annually qualify for tax credit-funded scholarships to attend private or faith-based schools.

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