Maybe What You’ll Get Is All You Need: Two Minutes

POTTSTOWN PA – Schultz Technology Solutions, whose offices sit near the corner of Ridge Pike and Rupert Road (right next to the line between Lower Pottsgrove and Limerick townships), needed to book an employee party. Arnold’s Family Fun Center, just down the road a piece (on U.S. Route 422, in this case) in Oaks, caters parties.

A match made in heaven? No, says TriCounty Area Chamber of Commerce President Eileen Dautrich: a match made in speed networking.

Representatives of Schultz and Arnold’s got together briefly late last year, along with a couple dozen other chamber members, for the group’s attempt at quick “how-dos.” The idea is to assemble people in the same room and put networking literally on a fast track. They meet person-to-person, shake hands, introduce themselves, talk about their businesses and move on, all in the space of two minutes … one each per hand-shaker.

Does it work? Sure, Dautrich swears, and she says the Schultz-Arnold’s pairing (their party was held in December) is just one example of proof. Now another speed networking event is planned for next Tuesday (May 10, 2011) from 2-4 p.m. at the chamber’s offices, 152 High Street, Suite 360, Pottstown PA.

To make things work in the time allotted, the event will be limited to no more than 39 chamber member participants, each representing a different company. The cost is $15, but who knows how much business that investment could yield, Dautrich adds. For more information or to reserve a spot in the room (hint: wear your track shoes), call 610-326-5158.