Dollar Tree, Radio Shack, Quest Get New Locations

Dollar Tree is staying in Pottstown Center on Shoemaker Road, but moving into new space

POTTSTOWN PA – The tune apparently hasn’t ended yet in a game of musical chairs being played by retailers with stores in Pottstown area shopping centers.

Radio Shack moved to Pottstown Center, above, from the Pottstown Shopping Center on State Street

Store fronts occupied locally by Radio Shack and Dollar Tree have been on the move, and a regional medical laboratory – Quest Diagnostics – is adding a new testing centers where shoppers are found.

Dollar Tree, the national discounter whose products are priced in $1 increments, is keeping a store it already operates at Pottstown Center, 223 Shoemaker Rd., Pottstown, within that plaza. It currently is found at Suite 135, but is being moved a few doors west into the space formerly occupied by a Goodwill store. Dollar Tree employees were busy Sunday (May 15, 2011) moving goods from one store to the other using shopping carts as ferries.

The new Dollar Tree location will open May 24 (Tuesday), signs in its windows said. Meanwhile, some fixtures at the location soon to be vacated are up for sale.

Radio Shack until earlier this month operated a store in Unit 120 of the Pottstown Shopping Center, 799 State St., Pottstown. Many tenants in that center abandoned the location when Giant Super Market relocated less than a mile away to the Upland Square Shopping Center. Now Radio Shack has joined them.

About two weeks ago Radio Shack opened at a new site, the same Pottstown Center where Dollar Tree is found and where Wal-Mart serves as the anchor tenant.

Finally, also at Pottstown Center, Quest Diagnostics – which claims to be the world leader in diagnostic testing, information and services – reportedly will open in the retail space one door west of the new Radio Shack. Quest already operates testing centers in Lower Pottsgrove, Gilbertsville, Bally, Trappe, Phoenixville, Collegeville and Oaks.