Two New Retailers Fill Vacancies At Coventry Mall

THEY’RE SELLING FIXED-PRICE CLOTHING AND BOOKS – $15 And Below, a new clothing retailer (which sells all its merchandise at guess what price?), opened a new location earlier this month inside Coventry Mall at Routes 100 and 724 in North Coventry (PA) Township. It occupied the store front formerly held by another clothier, IQ. Books-A-Million, a discount book-seller, last month replaced another publishing retailer at the mall, Waldenbooks. The newcomers have helped fill out empty spaces on Coventry Mall’s west side.

  1. I am very disappointed with Coventry Mall. Books-A-Million could have taken one of the MANY empty spaces at the other end of the Mall by Sears, instead of displacing Borders. My understanding is that Borders was earmarked to survive the corporate closings and Mall management was instrumental in closing the store.

    • Velva, that’s not my understanding. Borders, which owns Waldenbooks, intended to close the Pottstown (Coventry Mall) store in this latest round of cuts, after it had survived previous rounds. I am told that, to save money on lease payments that would have been owed to the mall for unoccupied square footage, it cut a deal with Books-A-Million to occupy the same space and further reduce its costs. My source for this information is from a mall representative who I believe to be in the know on such matters, and not from Borders.

  2. The Mall needs to address the issue of a Grocer that left a few years back. I often liked going there as I could accomplish several tasks at once.

    Upland is too big and spread apart, and requires you to drive from store to store. Very inefficient and very uncomfortable in bad weather.

    Coventry needs to get its act together and realize they are in competition. With the Theatres closing shortly, there’s another nail in the coffin.

    The loss of the Steakhouse made no sense.

    I like going there as I can park and walk and get to many places of business under one roof. Upland is out in the open, the Outlets are all poorly sheltered and almost5 empty in Winter.

    This mall ought to help its retailers and encourage business to stay.

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