TriCounty Chamber Recruiting For Leadership Program

POTTSTOWN PA – Recruitment is under way for local business leaders or their employees to join the TriCounty Area Chamber of Commerce‘s 2012 Leadership Tri-County program.

The chamber, located at 152 High St., Suite 360, Pottstown PA, has conducted Leadership Tri-County for several years. Its mission, the chamber says, is to sustain community participation and involvement by training and providing new and emerging leaders with the expertise to serve on boards.

The 10-month experience begins in September, but the chamber will conduct two separate information and orientation sessions: July 19 (2011; Tuesday) at 3:30 p.m., and July 21 (Thursday) at 8:30 a.m., both in the conference center at its offices. Those interested should call chamber Executive Director Eileen Dautrich at 610-326-2900, or e-mail her here, for an application and more information.

“This (is an) amazing opportunity to develop into a local leader, and give back to the community by serving on a non-profit board of directors,” Dautrich says. It also gives members a chance to create a valuable business relationship with their peers, she notes. The program is sponsored by John Middleton, an Altria company.