If You Worked In Civil Defense, Please Call Boyertown

Duck-and-cover drills were routine in school classrooms during the 1950s

BOYERTOWN PA – They’re looking for story-tellers in Boyertown and vicinity, but the tale itself may be a tad chilling.

The Boyertown Museum of Historic Vehicles, 85 S. Walnut St., Boyertown PA, this fall will host a traveling exhibit from the Rogers Historical Museum in Rogers AR, titled “The Life Atomic: Growing Up in the Shadow of the A-Bomb.” To better tell the local story of living during the 1950s and early 1960s with the atomic bomb regularly in news headlines, museum Curator Kendra Cook says she hopes to interview former Berks County (PA) Civil Defense workers and volunteers.

As the exhibit focuses on the cultural impact of the era’s nuclear threat, the museum itself will explore the Boyertown Auto Body Works’ contribution to Civil Defense. The company built several types of Civil Defense vehicles for use across the country. A heavy rescue truck used by Berks County Civil Defense in the city of Reading will be on display.

“The best history is from those who experienced it, and the museum would like to hear from these people,” Cook noted. The museum would like to hear from anyone involved with the Civil Defense effort. For more information, or to talk about Civil Defense experiences, call her at 610-367-2090.

Photo from the Rogers Museum