Pottstown Meat And Deli: Best Shop You Haven’t Been In

POTTSTOWN PA – Congratulations!, viewers were saying Wednesday (Aug. 31, 2011), to Bob Barth and his clan for the selection of their family-run business, Pottstown Meat and Deli, as the WMBD-TV Channel 31 “Best Business” of the week.

Pottstown Meat And Deli

The betting is good that, here in western Montgomery County, you’ve never heard of the Barths and you won’t find WMBD listed in your weekly television guide. Worse yet, it’s almost certain most Pottstown PA residents don’t even know where this terrific place, Pottstown Meat and Deli, can be found.

That’s because it’s in Pottstown IL, a suburb of Peoria.

The specialty butcher shop that bears a name familiar to those who live locally enjoyed a few minutes of fame Wednesday, when the CBS-affiliated station in central Illinois featured it and its owners in a series similar to the “Positives In Pottstown” articles that just ended in The (Pottstown) Mercury newspaper.

The Barths are fourth-generation butchers, and their busy store at 4700 N. University St. in Peoria, has been operating for more than 30 years. The place has its own smokehouse, offers beef from Illinois farm-raised and grass-fed cattle, and this week is running a sale on bratwurst for Labor Day grilling parties.

The place gets high marks from shoppers who have commented on Yelp, the restaurant review and foodie social media website, and television reporter Cynthia Schweigert claimed shoppers there “always see a familiar face and leave feeling more like a friend than like a customer.”

Sadly, you’ll have to travel 14 hours and 834 miles from here to snap up the brats there and see if she’s accurate.

Photo from Pottstown Meat and Deli