Student-Like Grading For Teachers Proposed By Gov

HARRISBURG — A new rating system proposed by Gov. Tom Corbett for public school teachers seeks to ensure that students are receiving the most efficient education in a $26 billion taxpayer-funded system, The Pennsylvania Independent online news service reported Saturday (Oct. 15, 2011).

Some school districts have barely 50 percent of their students performing at grade level, yet more than 99 percent of teachers statewide get straight A’s in performance evaluations, according to the governor. That’s prompted him to announce a new initiative that seeks to reward good teachers and filter out ineffective ones, The Independent reported.

Overhauling the evaluation system is part of an education-reform package it said Corbett wants the General Assembly to pass before the end of the year.

“The numbers just don’t fit the result,” Corbett told the service. “Right now, the evaluation system is merely a rubber stamp, and it must change if our students are to be the beneficiaries of good, committed educators.”

Graphic from The Pennsylvania Independent