Pennsylvania Physicians Comfortable In E-Prescribing

ARLINGTON VA – Office-based doctors in Pennsylvania are among physicians in 10 states who seem to be most comfortable in prescribing medications for their patients using electronic methods, according to an announcement Wednesday (Nov. 9, 2011) from Surescripts, a Virginia company that provides technology to let health care providers easily and securely share information.

A significant number of physicians’ offices in western Montgomery County practice what Surescripts called “e-prescribing.” By replacing a pen and paper prescription pad with “a more accurate, reliable and secure electronic prescription,” the company said, “e-prescribing saves lives, time and money, and improves the quality of care.”

Pennsylvania ranked sixth among Surescripts’ list of Top 10 states with highest e-prescribing rates. Placing ahead of the Commonwealth were, in descending order, Massachusetts, Delaware, Michigan, Connecticut, and Rhode Island.

Fifty-two percent of all office-based physicians now actively use e-prescribing, compared with less than 10 percent three years ago, according to the company, and 94 percent of retail pharmacies nationwide are now connected and receive e-prescriptions.

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