PEAK Provides Fun Holiday Activities For Pre-Schoolers

POTTSTOWN PA – Kids of any age love the winter holidays, but helping pre-school youngsters make sense of all the season’s sensory stimuli can be a challenge. To give them a handle on the festivities, the authors of the Pottstown Early Action for Kindergarten Readiness (PEAK) Blog last week posted eight different songs and exercises to which little ones can not only relate but have fun with.

They include “Where Is Santa?,” sung to the tune of  “Where is Thumbkin?;” “Let’s All,” an activity performed to the melody of “We Wish You A Merry Christmas;” and a “Christmas Fingerplay” that involves stretching, crouching and shaking. Parents looking for fun things to do with their pre-schoolers are likely to enjoy the PEAK suggestions.

PEAK is an initiative funded by several community partners to ensure that “that every child in Pottstown has access to early childhood learning opportunities that prepare them to be successful in kindergarten.”